Books by Terri Lynn Wilhelm


Deception is a Gothic-wannabe that gets some of the atmosphere right, but rarely succeeds in capturing the requisite tension and menace, Three years ago in India, Captain Foxton Tremayne was forced to take the fall for a mistake made by his superior officer which cost the lives of many of his ...

Highland Jewel

Please don't let my grade deter you; I know there are readers out there who will enjoy this book. I'm just not one of them. First of all, I don't understand why this book was called Highland Jewel when the hero constantly calls the heroine Rosebud, and never once likens her to any kind of gem. Would ...

A Hidden Magic

A Hidden Magic could have been a very good book. But the author, guided one suspects by her editor and publisher, padded the book with a convoluted storyline when it wasn't necessary, rendering this a very an average read. She also appears to have been swayed by the p.c. police in the manner in whic ...