AAR Forum Avatars & Sig Lines

Our avatar size limit is 100×100 and 6144 bytes, whether you upload your avatar…or link to it. (right click an image to look at its properties in terms of dimensions and bytes). Our byte size limit generally precludes any animated /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages, which many of us find difficult to deal with. If we find an avatar that is out of compliance, we will email you and ask that you change it. But we don’t want to spend our days being the avatar police, so if too many users choose avatars that are out of compliance (see samples below), we will turn off the ability to use avatars altogether.

Both avatars below are 100×100

This avatar exceeds byte limit

My avatar does not

As for sig lines, we ask that you not create ones that blink or include animated /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages for the very same reason we exclude them as avatars…they can create eye strain for users, or exacerbate headaches. Check the samples below to see what we mean.

This sig line is problematical

This sig line is not


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