When I was still in school, I used to divide up my listening music according to subjects.  I could play anything during math, “thinking” music (aka Mozart and Bach) for sciences, and absolute silence for English and History.  (Are you kidding?  I’d never get anything done.)  Now that I’ve finished with school I can listen to a larger variety of music during my busy moments in the house, i.e. chores, cleaning, fixing, etc.

The loud, energetic music is best for cleaning, especially vacuuming (hello, Green Day), but anything’s good.  However, I’ve also gotten into the habit of turning on a dialogue-heavy movie that I know well, and just letting it run in the background. P&P, North & South, Gosford Park, Little Miss Sunshine, Pixar movies, LOTR (all twelve hours) – I can happily let these films just reel on while I go about my day.  Listening to movies is like listening to an audiobook but even better, with a narrative trajectory and good soundtrack and mouthing along to the best lines.  (Okay, I’m a nerd.  I know.)

What do you listen to at home to fill the background?  Anyone else listen to movies?

– Jean AAR