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February 20th, 2007 – THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED

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January 8th marked the beginning of our 11th annual reader poll, for books that have a first US publication date (copyright date) of 2006. We ask that all AAR readers vote, between now and midnight, February 18th…periodically during the course of polling, we will announce interim results. Please read through this information once; if you return, you may consider skipping directly to the ballot form.

Final set of interim results updated February 4th

Rules regarding this poll:

  • Only books with first US publication date (copyright date) of 2006 are accepted.
  • Vote only once.
  • Fill out at least six categories for your ballot to be accepted.
  • To maintain the poll’s legitimacy, straight-ticket or nearly straight-ticket ballots will be disqualified – we assume they are submitted only by “fangirls”. (new rule)
  • Provide only one choice in each category.
  • Include your name and valid email address (without the latter, your ballot will not be accepted by the server) – but we’ll never post either online.
  • If unsure about a category’s definition, click the links provided in the ballot form – too many “wrong” categories may invalidate your ballot.

You may wish to print our the ballot prior to filling it out and submitting it online. Be sure you understand each category’s definition so as not to waste your vote in that category – click the links within the ballot form itself where provided to be sure. With the exception of the Best Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction category, we are asking for romance-specific choices. But we do not like to dictate to our readers, and in past years non-genre romances have won or placed in categories. Your votes are up to you. This year we eliminated the Authors Others Love that You Don’t category. We added a Best Erotic Romance/Romantica category…even though there’s been some confusion surrounding our differentiation between Mainstream Sexy and Erotic Romance titles.

Because readers asked for it, we also provide a table of eligible Desert Isle Keepers. This table was compiled using our Power Search page…it’s possible that additional 2006 releases may be added during this poll and I’ll update the table if necessary. (*Note…four additional DIK’s have been added since the poll began.)

Grade Title Author Book Type Sensuality Published Reviewed ReviewerA- ErinSong Diana Groe Viking Warm 2006 01/31/2007 BeverlyA- The Raven Prince Elizabeth Hoyt Eur Hist Hot 2006 01/18/2007 LisaA- Valley of Silence Nora Roberts Paranormal Warm 2006 01/14/2007 BeverlyA Inferno Vivi Anna Ero Rom Burning 2006 01/09/2007 BeverlyA- The Snow Dogs of Lost Lake Dorothy Bodoin Mystery Warm 2006 11/30/2006 BeverlyA- If Only In My Dreams Wendy Markham TT Warm 12/2006 11/29/2006 LisaA- Eye of Heaven Marjorie M. Liu Paranormal Warm 2006 11/20/2006 LizA- Hot Dish Connie Brockway Contemp Subtle 2006 11/10/2006 SandyA+ The Thirteenth Tale Diane Setterfield Mystery N/A 2006 11/05/2006 JessicaA- A Very Merry Christmas Anthology Contemp Hot 2006 10/31/2006 LisaA Everything’s Coming Up Rosie Kasey Michaels Contemp Warm 2006 10/22/2006 LindaA- Summer at Willow Lake Susan Wiggs Contemp Warm 2006 10/16/2006 JessicaA Slave to Sensation Nalini Singh AR Rom Hot 2006 09/30/2006 LizA- The Vampire Who Loved Me Teresa Medeiros Vamp Rom Warm 10/2006 09/29/2006 LisaA- Of Paupers and Peers Sheri Cobb South Regency Kisses 2006 09/21/2006 EllenA- Morrigan’s Cross Nora Roberts Paranormal Warm 2006 09/05/2006 LizA- Dark Protector Alexis Morgan Paranormal Hot 2006 08/29/2006 BeverlyA Knights of the Round Table:
Gwen Rowley Dark Ages Warm 09/2006 08/29/2006 StephA- Simply Love Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 2006 08/16/2006 EllenA- The Book Thief Markus Zusak YA N/A 2006 08/10/2006 RachelA- Queen of Babble Meg Cabot Chick Lit Warm 2006 08/09/2006 LisaA- Fearless Helen Kirkman Viking Hot 2006 07/21/2006 LeaA- Days of Summer Jill Barnett Wom Fict Subtle 2006 07/05/2006 LisaA Angels Fall Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 07/2006 06/22/2006 SandyA- The Marriage Spell Mary Jo Putney AR Rom Warm 2006 06/13/2006 EllenA- The Marcelli Bride Susan Mallery Contemp Warm 2006 06/08/2006 LindaA- Beau Brummell: The Ultimate Man of Style Ian Kelly Biography N/A 2006 05/12/2006 EllenA All U Can Eat Emma Holly Ero Rom Burning 2006 05/11/2006 HaA- Duke of Scandal Adele Ashworth Eur Hist Hot 2006 05/02/2006 CherylA Full Moon Rising Keri Arthur AR Fict Burning 2006 04/30/2006 LizA- Duchess of Fifth Avenue Ruth Ryan Langan Turn Century Subtle 2006 04/26/2006 JeanneA Unleash the Night Sherrilyn Kenyon Fant Rom Hot 2006 03/29/2006 LizA- The Silver Rose Susan Carroll Renaissance Subtle 2006 03/23/2006 CherylA- Lord Perfect Loretta Chase Eur Hist Hot 03/2006 02/28/2006 BlytheA- Devil in Winter Lisa Kleypas Eur Hist Hot 03/2006 02/28/2006 LeaA- Beauty and the Spy Julie Anne Long Eur Hist Warm 03/2006 02/26/2006 EllenA- Heiress for Hire Erin McCarthy Contemp Hot 2006 02/07/2006 SybilA Sex, Lies, and Online Dating Rachel Gibson Contemp Hot 02/2006 01/30/2006 LeaA- Sweet Water Anna Jeffrey Contemp Hot 2006 01/26/2006 Lea

(Two short stories also earned DIK status for 2006 – both from the Secrets: Dark Passions (Volume 18). They are Lone Wolf Three by Rae Monet and Larissa Ione’s Flesh to Fantasy.)

The results of this poll become increasingly important in the romance community every year. We would like this year’s poll to be the best ever, so make your voice heard and cast your vote today! Remember that we’ll close the polls at midnight, February 18th.

The results are only as valid as ballots sent in, which means your vote is critical. And, when we receive multiple ballots listing the names of a few lesser-known authors in multiple categories, it presents problems for those of us validating and counting the ballots. While we do not discourage anyone from voting, we’d like to believe that the votes we receive are from readers (and authors wearing their reader’s hats) committed to the choices they’ve made. Once you submit your ballot, you will be redirected to a thank you page.

If for some reason you are unable to submit this ballot, you can email your choices


Your name
Your email address
Best Romance (title and author)
Favorite Funny Romance (title and author)
Most-Hanky Romance (title and author)
Luscious Love Story (Mainstream romance with the best love scenes – title and author)
Best Erotic Romance (hybrid of Erotica and Romance – title and author)
Most Tortured Romance Hero (name, title, and author)
Strongest Romance Heroine (name, title, and author)
Best Romance Hero (name, title, and author)
Best Romance Heroine (name, title, and author)
Best Romance Couple (names, title, and author)
Best Romance Villain ( name, title, and author – name will not be revealed in results)
Most Annoying Lead Character in a Romance(name, title, and author)
Best Romance Author Who Debuted in 2006 (name)
Best Buried Treasure Romance Read (title and author)
Guiltiest Pleasure Romance (title and author)
Romance Author Most Glommed in 2006

Best Cabin or Road Romance (title and author)

Best Medieval/Renaissance Romance (title and author):
Best European Historical Romance (title and author)
Best Amer Hist or Frontier Romance (title and author)
Best Contemporary Romance (title and author)
Best Series/Category Book (title and author)
Best Romantic Suspense (title and author)
Best Alternate Reality Romance (title and author)
Best Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction (title and author)
Best Romance Short Story (Short story title, author, anthology title)
Romance Author You Gave Up On in 2006
Most Disappointing Romance (title and author)
Worst Romance (title and author)
Purplest Prose Romance (title and author)
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