Friends, I do not know how you feel about the upcoming Bridgerton show on Netflix, but  here’s a live look at me:

I have loved this series for several years, read it several times, and used it to convert many a friend to historical romance. “The banter,” I tell them, “come for the banter, stay for the smexy times.” To me, Julia Quinn is one of the masters of the genre and so I am unabashedly excited to see these characters come to life.

I think the casting decisions are great (I adore Nicola Coughlin as Penelope!) and all the snaps of the costumes are perfect.

(Will I be annoyed by some stuff? I’m sure I will. Does this have the opportunity to go the way of other Shondaland things and I love it for two seasons and then it jumps the shark? Sure. But right now? UNABASHED EXCITEMENT.)

My best friend feels the same way and thus we have launched a re-read of the whole series. We started with the prequels, and now we’re at The Viscount Who Loved Me, and we plan on tacking on the Smith-Smythes as well.

The prequels were fun for me – all four of them – but I loved Billie and George in Because of Miss Bridgerton the best. I’m a sucker for enemies-to-lovers and I’ve already referenced my love of her banter, so this work of Ms. Quinn’s was a homerun.

It was also fascinating for me to move from the Rokesbys quartet (what Goodreads tells me the prequels are officially called) and into The Duke and I because there is such growth in Ms. Quinn’s writing. For example, she head-hops quite a bit in The Duke and I in terms of PoV and that tendency is gone in the later works.

All that to say – I cannot be the only one ready for this series and I doubt I’m the only one embarking on a re-read. Anyone else? Wanna come chat with me about it?

I’ll be posting a few reflections during the month and I do hope you’ll join me.

Or I’ll have to sic Lady Whistledown on you…

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