A Love Catastrophe

Grade : C-
Grade : C-
Book type : Contemporary Romance
Sensuality : Warm
Review Date : June 15, 2023
Published On : 06/2023

Helena Hunting has a delightfully quirky sense of humor, as anyone who has read her work can likely attest. Typically I enjoy the mix of humor and heart in her stories, but unfortunately A Love Catastrophe didn’t work for me.

First off – don’t read this book if you don’t like cats. Seriously. Our heroine is Kitty Hart, the Kitty Whisperer, and she will come for you if she learns you’re disrespecting her favorite animal. Kitty runs a business caring for people’s pet cats, and she’s very sensitive to all the slights from dog-lovers and cat-haters out there. She drives around an SUV which looks like a cat and has her business’ logo on the side, and posts unintentionally provocative things on her social media – which is how our hero, Miles Thorn, finds her.

Miles does not make a good first impression on Kitty as he is obviously clueless and uncaring about the cat (named Prince Francis) for whom he has hired her to care.  But since most of her days are spent with elderly pet owners and their precious felines, it’s only natural that Kitty is attracted to the only eligible man around. And thanks to those provocative posts, Miles is feeling it too. So as they get to know each other, and once Kitty lears that he’s only recently had to take over care of his mom’s cat since she got dementia, things start to heat up.

As much as I wanted to, I really couldn’t find a way to like Kitty and Miles between all the cat and kitty and pussy jokes out there. Although they do undergo some solid character development with both of them working through their feelings about lost family members and the illness Miles’ mom is facing now, it just felt like the author couldn’t take either character seriously, which meant I didn’t either. Although I do like cats, the jokes didn’t really land for me, so I was left reading a book that felt like it was straddling the line between being a prank and real romance novel.

Because I’ve read a number of other books by Helena Hunting which I’ve liked (The Good Luck Charm and Meet Cute are two favorites which I recently re-read), this definitely won’t turn me off the author. Someone who really loves cats or cat-related puns might like to pick up The Love Catastrophe – but if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, maybe check out Hunting’s backlist instead.

Alexandra Anderson

College student by day. Book enthusiast around the clock. With any luck I'll eventually be able to afford food AND books. But I've got my priorities straight.
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