Dark of Night
Grade : A-

Warning: This review contains spoilers.

It’s impossible to write a review of Dark of Night without revealing the identities of the primary couple. So, here goes: Sophia and Dave. That’s the deal, okay? No tricks, no last minute switches – Dave is Sophia’s HEA.

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However – and this is a big however – and not for the first time in a book by this author, I found myself w-a-a-a-y more interested in the secondary romance than in what is supposed to be the main story. And, yep, since it’s already out there, I’m talking Decker and Tracy.

And then there’s another major storyline – a definite Big Damn Deal – I also found w-a-a-a-a-y more compelling than Sophia and Dave. And, gee, since I can be just as coy as anybody else, I’m not going to say who or what is involved.

Dark of Night picks up exactly where Into the Fire left off: Dave and Sophia hook up in a bar. And they really, really do. Dave adores Sophia and she has come to appreciate him. Honestly, I really can’t get worked up about their love story and if it comprised the whole of the book, then we’d be looking at a B-. But there is more to the package than Sophia and Dave. Lots more.

And here’s where the review gets tricky: Dave and Sophia, along with Jules, Robin, and other members of the Troubleshooters team, get caught up in that aforementioned mysterious Big Damn Deal. Which makes writing a further plot summary almost impossible.

Here’s what I can say: Tracy and Decker find themselves together. Tracy reveals herself to be far more than the bimbo everyone believes her to be. Decker is hot. Tracy is interesting. And, yep, I’m looking forward to following their story.

And then there’s that Big Damn Deal featuring one of my favorite characters and appearances from heroes and heroines past that amount to far more than just cameos. It’s tense, it’s suspenseful, it’s satisfying...and, well, it’s just an all around crackin’ good story that I think readers – if they allow themselves – will love.

Ultimately, that’s why this book is a solid DIK for me. With a terrific secondary romance and a taut suspense core, Dark of Night is told with energy and verve and a sense of momentum that’s been missing for me from previous books in this series.

And, hell, I’m just going to make the comparison: Over the Edge is my favorite title by the author and I barely remember the main romance. It was all secondary and…er, third-ary to me.

Readers are going to feel what they’re going to feel about this one and no review is going to change that. From where I sit, Brockmann is to be complimented for involving her readers so intimately in the lives of her characters. And this needs to be said: I dropped out a few books ago, so I wasn’t invested in Sophia and Decker and I honestly don’t know what my reaction would have been to having the proverbial character rug pulled out from under my feet if I cared more about their pairing. Fair enough?

But judging this book for this reader, Brockmann delivers. And, yep, it's my definite favorite since Over the Edge.

Reviewed by Sandy Coleman
Grade : A-

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : January 18, 2009

Publication Date: 2009

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