Falling for Mister Wrong

Lizzie Shane

This book is nominated for a 2016 RITA.

The lighthearted look at the reality of romance continues in Falling for Mister Wrong. Filming of the latest season of Marrying Mister Perfect has just wrapped and the winning suitorette Caitlyn Gregg is trying to lay low back in her home town until the series begins broadcasting. Caught up in all the manufactured emotions of the show it was quite easy for Caitlyn to say “Yes” to a proposal from the handsome Mister Perfect. It’s only after being back in the real world does she consider that Mister Perfect might not be perfect for her.

Caitlyn’s feelings become even more confused when she meets local firefighter Will Hamilton. He’s handsome, funny and likes Caitlyn for who she is away from the lights and cameras. A relationship with Will could be everything she went to Hollywood looking for except for one small problem – she’s technically engaged and soon the whole country will know it. The more Will and Caitlyn fall for one another the harder it becomes to hide her feelings from the producers and their confidentiality agreements or her media loving fiancé. Will her sexy firefighter stick around or will their new love be extinguished when everything is made public?

Ms. Shane moves her Reality Romance series in the right direction, putting Caitlyn into a true situation of dealing with her new found celebrity while still trying to live a normal life. Finding Will and getting to know him without pretense allows Caitlyn insight about how much of herself she sacrificed in order to be the right choice for Mister Perfect. It’s very easy to like Caitlyn even knowing what she’s hiding from Will and wishing she’d make different choices about their relationship. When all is revealed I appreciated that Will and Caitlyn were able to fall back on what was real between them

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Reviewer :      Sara Elliott

Grade :     B

Sensuality :      Warm

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