Good Time Cowboy
Grade : B+

Maisey Yates is the queen of star-crossed lovers. She illuminates the couples’ struggles poignantly and believably. With Yates, honorable decisions don’t preclude self-awareness and honesty. Even if the honesty is reserved for the privacy of one’s own mind, like Lindy admitting to herself that, “her visceral reaction to Wyatt five years ago had felt so very, very wrong.” A married woman can’t share with her girlfriends that she’s lusting over a bull rider. And a bull rider isn’t about to bellyache over beers with his bros that a married lady has him all in a lather.

What finally makes it possible for vineyard owner Lindy Parker to explore her seismically buried lust with rancher Wyatt Dodge? First, she’s free, free, free at last of her cheating, no-good husband. When Lindy spotted him kissing a much younger Grassroots Winery employee, she didn’t get mad, she got even: “she had managed to get full ownership of Damien’s family winery, Grassroots Winery.” There’s nothing she won’t do for her winery—including making a deal with the devil aka Wyatt Dodge, retired bull rider, now working full-time at his family’s spread, the Get Out of Dodge ranch.

She loved the winery, but unfortunately it was that work that brought her to the Get Out of Dodge ranch now—and bringing her into contact with a man that she liked less than cooked carrots.

Bull rider. Manwhore. Friend of her ex-husband.

That’s a lot of heat Lindy. Methinks the viticulturist doth protest too much. Lindy has a really good idea - that the two operations do a joint barbecue. The barbecue “would showcase the grounds of the dude ranch and the wines from Grassroots,” so win/win. Cooperating rather than competing.

He had people coming to stay on his property, and she had booze. That meant they were natural bedfellows.

When it came to business.

Yates is great with the double-entendres. Readers are all in, hoping Lindy and Wyatt will take a chance on each other and move beyond their doubts. It’s past time “for them to dance toward each other,” isn’t it? When they show up at the local watering-hole, Lindy is torn.

She should tell him to go away. She should dump what remained of her beer in his lap and walk out of the bar.

But she didn’t move. Instead, she sat there, staring at him. At the planes and angles of his handsome face, at the enticing curve of his mouth. The only part of him that didn’t look sculpted, hard. No, it looked like it would mold right to hers. Or like it would mobilize easily to take control, to force her to conform to his shape.

She shivered.

And she knew without a doubt that he noticed too.

He didn’t miss anything.

Take it away Wyatt.  Will they be happy together after they throw caution to the winds? Yes. They have bedrock values in common. They know how to compromise. How to work hard. And darn it all, paraphrasing Al Franken’s SNL character Stuart Smalley, ‘They’re Good Enough, They’re Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Them’ ... Readers will have a great time with Good Time Cowboy: Lindy and Wyatt more than deserve their long-awaited HEA.

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Reviewed by Janet Webb
Grade : B+

Sensuality: Warm

Review Date : January 25, 2019

Publication Date: 08/2018

Review Tags: Gold Valley series

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  1. This sounds great. I’ve been reading a lot of historical mysteries lately and loving them, though less Victorian and more…

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