Hazard by Stella Riley

Hazard is the fifth book in Stella Riley’s Rockliffe series of Georgian romances, and in it the author does something a little bit different by writing a ‘double romance’ in which two separate couples eventually find their respective HEAs.  There can be a danger in this type of story that one couple will feature more prominently than the other, but I’m pleased to report that isn’t the case here.  Because one of the couples is one we’ve been watching dance around each other ever since they first appeared in book three (The Player), I never felt short-changed when the focus switched to the other romance, or that the familiar couple were being edged out in favour of the newer pairing.  Ms. Riley gets the balance just about right between the continuing romance and the new one and achieves a satisfying ending all round – although not without a few lumps and bumps along the way. The novel opens with … Continue reading Hazard by Stella Riley