Money, Honey
Grade : A-

This debut novel, is filled with witty dialogue, sizzling chemistry, and a truly dreamy former bad-boy hero. Although there is suspense, the focus is clearly on the relationship between the hero and heroine. All I can say is, welcome, Ms. Sey. Please keep the books coming!

FBI Special Agent Liz Brynn is the only person ever to have arrested master thief Patrick O’Connor, and it wasn’t really due to any brilliance on her part since he turned himself in years earlier to save his sister from arrest. Rather than serving time, Patrick became a confidential information source – or weasel - for Liz. He’s been straight for three years and is a best-selling novelist and screen writer in California. He’s had no contact with Liz in the ensuing years, but is now back in her office in Minnesota.

Patrick tells Liz that he’s back at the request of his sister to help find a counterfeiter plaguing her restaurant. It quickly becomes clear that there’s more going on than just counterfeiting. Patrick betrayed his criminal mentor to save his sister and now has word that the mentor is edging closer to Minnesota and his sister’s home. Soon, Patrick and Liz are working together, only this time, he’s not her weasel - they’re equals.

Liz and Patrick are fully developed characters. In the opening pages, the author does a nice job in a few words of giving a feel for exactly what Liz looks and acts like, as seen through Patrick’s eyes. Neither Patrick nor Liz is quite what they seem on the surface. There’s more to Patrick than the gorgeous, expensively clad ex-thief. And there’s more to Liz than the straight-laced, no-nonsense FBI agent in ugly suits. Both carry baggage from their childhoods. Patrick grew up in a family of thieves; when we finally discover Liz’s background, it’s nearly as interesting as Patrick’s.

Patrick is an appealing hero - gorgeous, witty, and he clearly knows how to dress. But I found Liz just as interesting. Her thought processes are amusing at times. She’s a smart woman who prides herself on her honesty. She doesn’t kid herself that she’s attracted to, and falling in love with Patrick, even though it isn’t a smart thing to do. But, she has a need to be logical, so decides that, logically, the best thing to do is have sex with Patrick as soon as possible, because in her experience nothing stops a romance faster than sex.

If you want your hero and heroine to hop into bed quickly and can’t stand a push and pull relationship, this isn’t the book for you. I bought completely into the relationship and the reluctance both Patrick and Liz have for acting on their attraction since they have very good reasons. But when they finally have sex, it felt hot to me, so that’s the rating I’m going with.

After reading the first few chapters, I immediately checked to see if there had been a previous book featuring the sister and her husband, and was surprised to discover that this is the author’s debut. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and look forward to reading more from the author. In fact, I hope there’s a book featuring the romance between Patrick’s sister and her husband to look forward to.

Reviewed by LinnieGayl Kimmel
Grade : A-

Sensuality: Hot

Review Date : September 10, 2010

Publication Date: 2010/07

Review Tags: FBI slow burn thief

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