Ransom Canyon

Jodi Thomas

Ransom Canyon kicks off a new series set in the titular small town in Texas. It stars a broad cast of characters and features no less than three potential couples.

Staten Kirkland has had a rough few years, enduring the deaths of his wife and teenage son. He’s found solace in the arms of his wife’s close friend Quinn O’Grady. Their relationship has been purely physical though Quinn has harbored feelings for him for years. When she receives unexpected news, everything between them may change.

The book begins with the promise of a deeply emotional read due to the subject matter of older protagonists receiving a second chance at love and family. Somewhere along the way this is derailed and the book never lives up to that promise. I wanted more from Staten and Quinn’s relationship and didn’t feel it was given the depth or exploration it deserved. The burgeoning romance between the high school kids was okay, but I couldn’t have cared less about the ex-con and the nurse.

It’s likely that the book suffers for being the first in the series and tries too hard to set the stage for stories to come. It has a strong sense of place and was able to hold my attention even during the sections in which I wasn’t particularly invested. I’ll definitely try the second book in the series, Rustler’s Moon, to see if that works better for me. While the writing was engaging, I was left somewhat unsatisfied.

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Reviewer :      Heather Stanton

Grade :     C

Sensuality :      Warm

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