Recklessly Royal

Nichole Chase

A while ago, I reviewed a book by Nichole Chase, Suddenly Royal. It was basically The Prince and Me mixed with The Princess Diaries, both of which I am pretty fond of. I enjoyed the first one a lot, and figured why not, let’s give the sequel a chance, right?

Recklessly Royal follows Catherine, who has been the perfect princess her whole life. When she meets David, friend of the newly minted Princess Samantha from the first book, it doesn’t really help that she’s drunk and thinking she might have ordered a stripper for Sam’s bachelorette party after all. Luckily, throwing up on his shoes doesn’t turn him off altogether.

As cute as the romance was, though, it’s all fluff and not much substance. There’s a bit of an issue with reporters and how public Cathy’s life is, but David has no problems with it. It kinda feels drawn out past the point of effectiveness.

In the end, it was cute and fluffy, and I enjoyed it, but it’s not something I’m going to read and re-read.

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Reviewer :      Melanie Bopp

Grade :     C+

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