Romancing Miss Right

Lizzie Shane

Author Lizzie Shane takes a look behind the curtain of reality TV in her adorable Reality Romance series. In Romancing Miss Right readers are introduced to Marcy Henrickson, the latest Miss Right searching for her perfect match in a television series quite similar to The Bachelorette. Being last year’s runner-up for the affections of Mister Perfect, Marcy is willing to play the part of a rejected woman still looking for true love as long as it gives her national exposure for her latest book release. What she doesn’t count on is one of the potential Mister Rights being just as willing to pull out all the stops to gain fame and fortune through debasing himself on TV.

Shock Jock Craig Carrow knows that playing the “Bad Boy” on Romancing Miss Right will open doors for him and his locally produced radio show. Prepared to be as lewd and crude as necessary to make good TV (and keep the producers from kicking him off too soon), Craig doesn’t count on actually liking Marcy or getting caught up in the manufactured dramas of the show. The line between their fake relationship on screen and the real one simmering when the cameras are off is crossed when Marcy has to return home for a family emergency and Craig goes with her. Could Miss Right fall for a man who might be all wrong for her?

Even a reader who’s never watched an episode of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette will enjoy the funny and somewhat snarky look at how a television show like it comes together. Ms. Shane doesn’t pull any punches about how un-real Reality TV can be, showing a cutthroat producer pulling the strings or the other contestants vying for the most camera time with the star. When real life intrudes on the fantasy is when the relationship for Marcy and Craig truly comes together and I loved seeing that other side of the coin; where a person’s true character carries the day rather than how they present themselves.

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Reviewer :      Sara Elliott

Grade :     B

Sensuality :      Warm

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