The Marquess and I

Stacy Reid

In this sweet second-chance romance, Alasdair and Willow had a young love affair that ended when Willow’s father refused to accept Alasdair’s suit.  Following his rejection, Alasdair went on without her, to war and back again. While he was gone both families suffered. Willow was in a horrendous accident that caused her to lose her sight, and Alasdair’s two older brothers passed away.  Six years later, Alasdair is now the heir and needs to marry an heiress to fill his estates’ empty coffers. Can they put the past behind them and find love again?

The Marquess and I is a delightful novella.  The setting is well described and it’s easy to feel empathy towards Willow. When she wanted to marry Alisdair before, she was too young to stand up to her family’s demands that she set her sights higher than a third son.  Now her blindness makes things difficult for her in gaining a marriage partner who isn’t solely after her fortune. She comes across as courageous and steadfast, having come to terms with her disability and making the best of things. Alasdair is a war hero, a strong and upright man but he’s never forgotten the love of his life or how she rejected him. Though he at first relishes the chance to get back at her, it’s not long before he realizes that his feelings for her are still strong. He wants to be her protector again, even more so now because of her injury.  The chemistry between them still sizzles and leads to some steamy love scenes, even as Willow must decide whether to accept Alasdair’s interest in her once again. They’ve hurt each other in the past, now they must mend those wounds together.

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Reviewer :      Maria Rose

Grade :     B

Sensuality :      Warm

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