Contemporary Romance


Catherine Hart's Impulsive is a treat for readers out there like me who enjoy sports. Note: Editors, there are quite a few of us out there hint, hint. Impulsive is, in part, a great romantic comedy. Unfortunately, a tacked-on mystery subplot added nothing to the book. It all evens out to a B-. ...

Walking After Midnight

Karen Robards is a very uneven writer. Some of her earlier books are old-fashioned bodice rippers at their worst. In her most recent book, The Senator's Wife, main character Ronnie Honneker is a selfish, greedy, air-headed, little twit and I'm being kind to describe her in those terms! But in 1995, ...

Full Circle

You know how in the movies you can tell when a story is going to be strange because of the music? They play that minor-key violin underscore which has a kind of sick sound to it, just to keep you on edge and to prepare you for the icky stuff that's coming. When I opened Full Circle, I heard that dam ...

The Blessing

The first real romance I read was The Raider by Jude Deveraux, so I kind of have a soft spot for her work. While in general the quality of her books seems to be slipping, every now and then she'll write one that's pretty good. The Blessing is a mixed bag. Some of it was fun in an over-the-top sort o ...

Mountain Dreams

I finished Mountain Dreams a couple of days ago, and have been struggling ever since with this review. Mountain Dreams is an anthology containing two complete novels by the same author. These stories were purposefully published together because they each deal with innocent young heroines, secret age ...

Loving Evangeline

I don't know where Linda Howard wants to go with her writing, but wherever that is, I sure hope she keeps writing romance novels. True, I've not loved every book she's written (I've read them all), and I've hated some of her heroes as much as I've loved others. But, when it comes to writing romance, ...

Three Kisses

When a novel gets off to a really bad start, it's pretty difficult to recover, and Three Kisses has a very bad beginning. Too much information is packed into a short space, and my progress was slowed by some awkward passages. Though the novel got a little better, I never recovered from that initiall ...

The Night Before Christmas

This book was featured in Pandora's Box for August 2000 The Night Before Christmas has one excellent story, one very good one, one that is not good except for the love scene, and one that is so icky sweet that it made me want to suck a lemon after I read it. ...

Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas is an anthology of four stories that all take place during the Christmas season at The Original Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis. All the rooms are decorated in themes related to Elvis movies and it is rumored that the King himself haunts the premises. ...

Jade Island

Sigh, I never thought I'd live to see the day when Elizabeth Lowell, mistress of the long and sensual love scene, would write a quickie. Jade Island is the second in Ms Lowell's series about the Donovan family. In this one, Kyle Donovan, who is an expert on gems, meets Lianne Blakely, the ille ...