Black at Heart

With the buzz surrounding Leslie Parrish and her Black CATs series, I couldn’t wait to pick up Black at Heart. In the suspense department, I got exactly what I wanted and expected. Unfortunately, the romance elements fell short of the mark. Wyatt Blackstone, the head of an elite FBI team that solves Internet related crimes,…

Smash Cut

Sandra Brown knows what she’s doing, all right. Despite an implausible – very implausible – key plot point, she had me with this one. She really had me. Wealthy Atlanta businessman Paul Wheeler is shot to death by a masked gunman in a hotel elevator with Julie Rutledge, his much younger companion, by his side….

The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart

The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart

If you’re like me, you feel a bit smug when your page 30-hypothesis turns out to be true. But you also count it a huge bonus that you enjoyed the book nonetheless. Mary Grey is enjoying a day’s rest by Hadrian’s Wall when she is suddenly accosted by a handsome stranger, Connor Winslow, who mistakes…

Fugitive Family

That powerless feeling of being accused of something you didn’t do is frightening. After all, people don’t live their lives planning how to defend themselves in the face of wrongful accusation and proving that negative creates a riveting backdrop for more than a few romantic suspense and mystery novels. Though Fugitive Family has its weaker…

I Can See You

I Can See You is my first experience with Karen Rose. It won’t be my last. The book introduces a new series featuring the Hat Squad, Minneapolis homicide detectives who are ceremoniously presented with a fedora upon completion of their first successful case. The author kicks things off with the story of recovering alcoholic Noah…

Show No Fear

Show No Fear is the latest in a series featuring a team of Navy SEALs. This particular installment is set primarily in Colombia, where the hero and heroine pose as UN operatives/hostage negotiators. It had its moments, but on the whole was mostly an average read. Lucy Donovan dated Gus Atwater when they were in…

Tasting Fear

Tasting Fear is divided into three stories, connected by the larger plot. Nancy, Nell and Vivi are the adopted daughters of Lucia D’Onofrio. They each came from broken homes as teenagers. One day they receive the horrible news that their foster mother’s home has been robbed and Lucia has died of an apparent heart attack….

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