Lethal Lies

Fans of romantic suspense who enjoy mature, adult characters who don’t flounce around and act silly will love Lethal Lies, and readers who are tired of the psychic-heroine-versus-skeptic-cop storyline will rejoice – there’s not a trace of the woo-woo stuff to be found here. For years, Chelsea Logan led a hard life. She drifted from…

Depth Perception

Though Depth Perception is a tightly written novel of romantic suspense by an author at the top of her game, it’s odd that the first thought that comes to my mind as I start this review is to make it clear who shouldn’t read this book: Anyone who just can’t bring themselves to read about…

Exposure by Susan Andersen

Exposure by Susan Andersen

Does your significant other wonder why you are so fond of romance? Is he a fan of mysteries and suspense and would not dream of reading a romance novel? Do the covers of romance turn him off? Well then, slip him a copy of Susan Andersen’s Exposure, a wonderful romance novel in suspense novel’s clothing….

Bodyguard Rescue by Donna Young

Bodyguard Rescue is one of the more impressive series debuts I’ve read in some time. This may be Donna Young’s first release, but you’d never know it from the book itself, which outshines what many veteran authors are delivering these days. Roman D’Amato is an operative working for a top-secret, ultra-elite branch of the CIA….

The Protector by Gennita Low

The Protector is Gennita Low’s third book, and the first I’ve read. My colleagues didn’t respond too well to her previous releases, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. As it turned out, this was a decent read, but it’s one that didn’t entirely work for me. After a weeklong mission in a Southeast…

The Search

In The Search, the latest book by Christiane Heggan, the author throws readers right into the action at the very beginning and never lets the pace slacken. As the story opens, readers meet prosecutor (and heroine) Sydney Cooper immediately after she’s won a difficult criminal case. Afterward, Syd goes to meet her friend Lilly, an…

To Die For by Linda Howard

To Die For by Linda Howard

Linda Howard’s last few books were intense with a capital I. Based on the dark moody cover and the dark moody title, the gentle reader might expect another dark moody book like Cry No More. But To Die For is a total change of pace for Linda Howard. When Blair Mallory caught her husband kissing…

Better Off Dead

It never fails to amaze me how some heroines always manage to find a military commando when they need one. Heroes for regular romance can be lawyers, actors, even politicians, but for romantic suspense, it seems, you really need an ex-Navy guy. This book provides one, but also serves as a cautionary tale for anyone…

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