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Castell Coch, Wales


Castell Coch, located a short drive away from the Welsh capital city, Cardiff, has been described as a fairy tale castle. I must agree. I oohed and ahhed at my visit last June when I visited with a friend, who happens to be a tour guide at Cardiff Castle. Castell Coch was built on the ruined foundations of an earlier structure, which was almost destroyed in the early 14th century by Welsh rebels. Thankfully, in 1871, the third Marquess of Bute, John Crichton-Stuart, hired architect William Burges to work on his castle in Cardiff, and also to create a summer home for the Bute family, which eventually became the new Castell Coch. Though Castell Coch is not a large structure, the interiors of the rooms are beautifully decorated. You can see some of the decorations in the accompanying photos. The castle even has a working doorbell, which I admit to using on my visit, even though the gate was open. If you find yourself visiting Cardiff, a joint ticket is available for visiting not only Castell Coch but Cardiff Castle and Caerphilly Castle. I highly recommend taking the time to see all three.

These photographs of Castell Coch were taken and contributed by All About Romance’s own Lee Brewer.


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