Submissions Form & Criteria – Special Title Listings

The following criteria are used when considering submissions to the Lists:

    All romance titles are eligible for submission as long as you think it’s one of the best in its category (eg. Beta Heroes).
    If the book has a B- review or greater here at AAR it will make the list.
    Books that have not been reviewed at AAR or have been reviewed but received a poor grade are still eligible but we will employ a multi-stage vetting process for these books, including checking other reputable review sites and checking with AAR staff to see if other readers loved the book also.
    Submissions are not limited to books published after the Lists were last updated. However, older books need to have stood the test of time; they need to be as good now as when they were first published.

You should include the following with each book that you nominate:


  • The title of the book


  • The author’s name


  • If not reviewed at AAR, a sentence describing why it should be included and the name of another site where it received a positive review, if available.

Not every submission is guaranteed inclusion onto our lists as we want the best of the best in each category so please don’t be discouraged if a few of your submissions don’t show up..

Once you submit your form, you will be automatically forwarded to a Thank You page. Be assured that if you end up on this page, your submission has reached us.


Your name
Your email address
Opposites Attract
Please include how are the Hero and Heroine Opposite from each other
(Not Your Usual) Conflict
Please include what the conflict is and if it’s Intra-Character or External
Unusual Professions
Please include the profession
Met as Children
Please include the approximate age when they meet
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