The 1999 AAR Cover Controversy Ballot

This is AAR‘s yearly ballot for determining the best (and, in one instance, the worst) romance covers issued in 1999. This is the first year we’ve polled for your cover favorites.

This ballot will remain open through February 14, 2000.

This ballot is only for covers first issued in 1999. The underlying novel could have been published previously, in any year, however. The choices are linked from the ballot itself and you cannot write in candidates which have not already been selected for this year’s ballot. The cover ballot is not a write-in ballot, like AAR’s ballot for best romance novels.

Please only vote once. If you are concerned about having your last name and/or e-mail address posted on-line, don’t be – we need your name and email address for tracking purposes (ie, to assure only one vote per person and that the email address is legitimate), no last names or email addresses will appear in any web-published material at All About Romance. The information is also important in case we need to get in touch with you for clarification on a selection/comment.

In order for your ballot to be counted, it must include your name, email address, and selections in at least two categories. Readers, authors, and artists are all welcome to vote, but please no ballot stuffing; each ballot will be carefully checked and suspect votes will be eliminated.

Once you submit your ballot, you will be automatically returned to The Cover Controversy index page.

Please vote by image letter & number as shown under the picture (ie, C-1, SH-3, P-9, etc.). Although you will see the author’s name on the front of each book cover, pay no attention to it. We are only interested in the image on the cover, not the novel itself. We are not judging how good or bad the novel itself is. If you are interested in expressing your views on the best/worst romance novels of 1999, we hope you will participate in our 1999 AAR Reader Awards, but, for this ballot, we are only concerned with covers.

In order for your ballot to count (and to limit frustration all around), please remember to use the letter and number assigned to each image. The actual voting fields are very narrow, and will not accept author names. If your choice in the contemporary category is the cover for Pearl Cove, you will need to type in C-3 and not Pearl Cove or Elizabeth Lowell – only C-3 will “take” on the form.

We have also provided a comment field for each category – feel free to type a lengthy comment for any/all of the votes you make.

Below you will find the categories, which include links to take you to a page showing the nominated covers. A new window will open up when you click on these links so that you may see the /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages and toggle back and forth between the /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages and the ballot.

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Click the hyperlink for nominees, then type in the letter(s) and number for the cover of your choiceType in your comments – there’s plenty of room. Though it looks like one continual line, they’ll wrap when the ballot is sent to us Best Contemporary Cover
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Best Single Cover Historical
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Best Historical with Stepback
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Best Series Cover
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Worst Cover of 1999 (all categories)
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