AAR User Survey

We’ve undergone a lot of changes in the past fourteen months, and it’s time to reassess where we are, how we’re doing, and how we can continue to be your favorite romance novel website. We’ve devised a survey that should require between five and ten minutes of your time. Whether or not you’re a newbie to AAR or visit daily, we hope you’ll spend the time to help us be all that we can be for you. The survey is completely anonymous, so please be candid with your answers and don’t just tell us what you think we want to hear.

Some of the questions deal with ease of navigation at AAR. Hopefully all of you are now used to the navigation menu we installed at the end of 2004, and have found our hints to best utilize our review database, which now contains close to 6,000 reviews. We continue to bring older, static pages into AAR’s “new” look, so please keep that in mind as you respond. Feel free to use this faux pop-up site map when taking the survey to aid your memory on all our features.

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Survey dates: Friday, January 13th – Friday, January 27th.
In order to participate, you must respond to all questions. Search our reviews database by Title or Author by Titleby Author’s Last Nameby Author’s First Name Do a more in-depth review search via Power Search

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