By Anna Bradley
The hero is so in need of redemption. If that works for you, this is a strong read.
It’s surprising how well the romance develops despite Eleanor’s anger and Camden’s scheming. They start like two fighters circling around a ring, sizing up their opponent before throwing punches. That focus makes them hyper-aware of the changes that occur when a casual respect changes into regard. It’s slight at first but as the war of words eases, Camden sees his perception of Eleanor as an ice-queen are false. She is a warm person who gives freely of herself once someone has taken the time to look past her defences. Eleanor is at first annoyed by her awareness of Camden as a man because it could weaken her stance against him; however she learns to read his body language and it changes how she interprets his words. He can say that he’s using her or has no care for her feelings but each touch or caress shows how much he cares for her in that moment. It takes a while before they share their first kiss but the scenes leading up to it almost crackle with sexual tension. Every step of the relationship, from rebuilding trust to viewing their opponent as a potential lover is a slow build that feels very satisfying once Camden and Eleanor accept their enemy as their perfect partner.

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