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Simone Porter, an inner city youth center director, has lived her whole life being dominated by her over controlling mother, but yet she still retains her romantic nature and idealistic views about life and love. Matthew Turner, however, has been hurt by a materialistic wife who used his kindness and affection and threw it away for another man. Now his heart is hardened and he feels he will never love again the way he loved his wife.

Brought together by an almost deadly “accident”, Simone and Matthew develop a bond that becomes the basis for a fantastic friendship. Despite the extreme disapproval of Simone’s mother and Matt’s father, they become best friends. But is friendship alone enough to heal Matt’s broken heart? And is Simone capable of going against her mother’s wishes and standing for up for what she wants?

As they juggle work, family conflicts, and their own conflicting feelings soon the passion and attraction between them becomes too great to ignore. However, Simone is torn between Alan, the man her mom wants for her, and Matt, the man her heart wants for her. Matt must decide between the ex-wife that used to be his everything, and Simone, his “Angel”. However, in this battle between true love and family influence, Simone and Matt learn that it is sometimes harder than it should be for best friends to become lovers. And Matt’s relationship with his ex-wife proves to be more dangerous to them than anyone could have imagined…

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My Angel (an interracial romance)
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My Everything (still on sale)
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Denise Skelton is a US Army veteran, and former private investigator. She resides in Maryland with her husband and five children.


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