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Grade Title Author Book Type Sensuality Published Reviewed ReviewerA The Temporary Wife Mary Balogh Regency Warm 1997 10/07/2004 Nonnie St George A Mrs. Mike Benedict Freedman/Nancy Freedman Class Fict Kisses 1987 11/16/2002 Jennifer Greene A Tom Jones Henry Fielding Class Fict N/A 1998 05/17/2001 Cynthia HartwickA The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series Laurell K. Hamilton Horror Varies 2002 04/15/2001 Dallas SchulzeA The Wolf and the Dove Kathleen Woodiwiss Medieval Hot 1999 05/27/2000 Lynn ErrickA Zemindar Valerie Fitzgerald Hist Fict N/A 1983 04/29/1999 Katy Cooper A Love Me, Love These Books Anthology Class Fict N/A   12/03/1998 Carla Kelly A Dream Fever Katherine Sutcliffe Frontier/West Hot 1991 10/13/1998 Adele Ashworth A Child of the Northern Spring Persia Woolley Hist Fict N/A 1987 06/19/1998 Lynna Banning A Border Lord Jan Wescott Hist Fict N/A 1946 05/31/1998 Amanda Scott A Calypso Magic Catherine Coulter Hist Rom Hot 2004 04/07/1998 Lori FosterA Moonspun Magic Catherine Coulter Hist Rom Hot 2004 04/07/1998 Lori FosterA Midsummer Magic Catherine Coulter Eur Hist Hot 2003 04/07/1998 Lori FosterA These Old Shades Georgette Heyer Eur Hist Kisses 2003 03/26/1998 Leigh GreenwoodA Lightning That Lingers Laura London Series N/A 1991 02/16/1998 Katherine Deauxville A Her Secret, His Child Paula Detmer Riggs Series Warm 10/1995 01/28/1998 Ann Josephson A Love and the Loathsome Leopard Barbara Cartland Eur Hist Kisses 1977 10/23/1997 Connie Brockway A The Shadow and the Star Laura Kinsale Hist Rom Hot 1991 09/30/1997 Lisa Kleypas A Checkmate Dorothy Dunnett Hist Fict N/A 1997 08/03/1997 Jo Beverley A The Windflower Laura London Hist Rom N/A 1995 07/14/1997 Deborah Simmons A Powder and Patch Georgette Heyer Eur Hist Kisses 2004 07/14/1997 Jo Beverley A Yankee Stranger Elswyth Thane Civil War/Recon N/A 1980 06/18/1997 Elizabeth GraysonA Shane Jack Schaefer Class Fict N/A 1983 04/01/1997 Suzanne BrockmannA Green Darkness Anya Seton Eur Hist N/A 2005 02/03/1997 Barbara Samuel


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