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Grade Title Author Book Type Sensuality Published Reviewed ReviewerA The Abstinence Teacher Tom Perrotta Fiction Hot 2007 02/29/2008 Carol Irvin A Tapestry Karen Ranney Eur Hist Hot 1996 12/04/2007 Krista Wadholm A- All Night Long Jayne Ann Krentz Rom Susp Warm 2005 03/04/2006 Linda Hurst A Indiscreet Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 1997 02/05/2006 Neeti GargA Love in Disguise Edith Layton Regency Subtle 1994 01/30/2006 Donna NewmanA Jaran Karen Elliott SF Subtle 2002 03/14/2005 Susan Stone WilbanksA Miss Chartley’s Guided Tour Carla Kelly Regency Subtle 2001 02/12/2005 Patricia McMahonA Remember the Time Annette Reynolds Contemp Hot 1997 09/11/2004 Linda AbertA- Seduction Amanda Quick Eur Hist Warm 1990 05/21/2004 Karen HodgenA Raney Clyde Edgerton Fiction Subtle 1986 04/18/2004 Susan Stone WilbanksA Honest Illusions Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 1992 02/12/2004 Diana ColemanA All I Ever Needed Jo Goodman Eur Hist Hot 2003 01/07/2004 Kay TindelA Reason to Believe Kathleen Eagle Contemp Warm 1995 12/10/2003 Patricia S.A Courtesan Diane Haeger Hist Fict N/A 1993 10/10/2003 TriciaA Katherine Anya Seton Hist Fict Subtle 2004 09/17/2003 Lynn HeitkampA Kushiel’s Dart Jacqueline Carey Fant Fict Warm 2002 07/03/2003 Cecile ZhaoA Forever His Shelly Thacker TT Hot 1993 06/16/2003 Ellen HestandA Olivia and Jai Rebecca Ryman Hist Fict Warm 1991 05/28/2003 Carrie HoonA Jubilee Trail Gwen Bristow Hist Fict Kisses 1980 05/22/2003 Kari SkousonA A Countess Below Stairs Eva Ibbotson Eur Hist Kisses 1992 05/19/2003 Zeba ClarkeA The Rescue Nicholas Sparks Fiction Warm 2001 05/09/2003 Lisbeth-Ann FitzgeraldA A Piece of Heaven Barbara Samuel Wom Fict Warm 2004 05/05/2003 Sandy CreelmanA Uncommon Vows Mary Jo Putney Medieval Warm 2003 08/10/2002 LFLA Beast Judith Ivory Hist Rom Hot 1997 07/07/2002 Sherry ThomasA Black Silk Judy Cuevas Eur Hist Warm 2002 07/06/2002 Sherry ThomasA Texas! Chase Sandra Brown Contemp Warm 1991 05/12/2002 Ruby GillsA A Marriage to Fight For Raina Lynn Series Warm 08/1997 04/07/2002 Elaine S.A Behind Closed Doors Betina Krahn Renaissance Hot 1991 01/28/2002 Larry Rogers A The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien Fant Fict N/A 2003 01/19/2002 Ms AggieA- Wicked Loving Lies Rosemary Rogers Hist Rom Hot 2002 01/15/2002 Larry RogersA Lords of the White Castle Elizabeth Chadwick Hist Fict Subtle 05/2002 01/10/2002 Teresa EckfordA A Fire in the Heart Katherine Sutcliffe Eur Hist Hot 1990 01/05/2002 Odile SaurelA An Independent Woman Dawn Lindsey Regency Subtle 1994 12/09/2001 Larry RogersA Born in Ice Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1996 11/15/2001 Paulina RhueA Honor’s Splendour Julie Garwood Medieval Hot 1991 08/23/2001 Sara ColeA Almost Heaven Judith McNaught Eur Hist Warm 1991 08/01/2001 Saki GuzmanA The American Duchess Joan Wolf Regency Subtle 1982 03/14/2001 Rachel PotterA Magic Flutes Eva Ibbotson Eur Hist Kisses 1991 02/18/2001 Joan ToweyA Awaken, My Love Robin Schone TT Burning 2001 01/17/2001 Elena OppedisanoA A Century of American Romance Anthology Hist Rom Warm 2004 11/03/2000 S.L. HardwickA Heather and Velvet Teresa Medeiros Eur Hist Subtle 1992 10/11/2000 Vivien FritscheA A Bed of Spices Barbara Samuel Medieval Warm 1993 07/23/2000 Vivien FritscheA Shadow of the Moon M.M. Kaye Hist Fict Subtle 1979 06/15/2000 Kari SkousonA Once an Angel Teresa Medeiros Hist Rom Warm 1993 06/06/2000 Tanya WadeA My Love, My Enemy Jan Cox Speas Hist Rom Kisses 1984 06/06/2000 Patricia S.A Bride of the MacHugh Jan Cox Speas Eur Hist Subtle 1978 06/06/2000 Amy KingA Mackenzie’s Mountain Linda Howard Contemp Hot 2000 05/05/2000 Darlene KendallA A Whole New Light Sandra Brown Contemp Warm 1992 04/23/2000 Vivien FritscheA Madensky Square Eva Ibbotson Eur Hist Kisses 1991 01/14/2000 LFLA The Golden Chronicles Series Patricia Veryan Eur Hist N/A 1990 03/06/2000 Jocelyn GraftonA- Jewels of the Sun Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1999 12/15/1999 Laura GawronskiA Wolf in Waiting Rebecca Flanders Series Warm 2002 11/16/1999 S.L. HardwickA For My Lady’s Heart Laura Kinsale Medieval Warm 1993 09/30/1999 Vivien FritscheA Keeper of the Dream Penelope Williamson Medieval Warm 1992 07/20/1999 Vivien FritscheA Too Deep for Tears Kathryn Lynn Davis Hist Fict Subtle 1990 07/01/1999 Vivien FritscheA The Enchanted Land Jude Deveraux Frontier/West Warm 1996 05/05/1999 Barb KeldermanA Silk and Shadows Mary Jo Putney Eur Hist Warm 1991 03/15/1999 RobinA Immortal In Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Warm 1996 12/15/1998 Mary Claire HennesseyA Summer Campaign Carla Kelly Regency Kisses 1989 12/03/1998 Patricia S.A The Flame and the Flower Kathleen Woodiwiss Hist Rom Hot 1988 08/25/1998 Leslie DiamondA Saxon Bride Tamara Leigh Medieval Hot 1996 06/29/1998 Liana LaRicciaA Prisoner of My Desire Johanna Lindsey Medieval Hot 1991 06/24/1998 Liana LaRicciaA A Company of Swans Eva Ibbotson Eur Hist Kisses 1992 06/09/1998 E. P.A Sea Swept Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1998 05/04/1998 Linda MoweryA The Panther and the Pearl Doreen Owens Malek Hist Rom Warm 1994 03/05/1998 Patricia S.A Saving Grace Julie Garwood Medieval Warm 1994 02/25/1998 Margie WilhelmA The Wild Swan Series Celeste de Blasis Hist Rom N/A 1987 02/02/1998 Susan ScribnerA The Golden Chance Jayne Ann Krentz Contemp Warm 1997 01/14/1998 R.C.A Lord of the Storm Justine Davis Fut Rom Hot 1994 11/11/1997 Susan ScribnerA The Skypirate Justine Davis Fut Rom Hot 1995 10/22/1997 Susan ScribnerA The Rake and the Reformer Mary Jo Putney Regency Subtle 1989 10/10/1997 Susan ScribnerA The MacGregor Series Nora Roberts Series Warm 1999 09/22/1997 Linda MoweryA Outlander Diana Gabaldon TT Warm 1992 08/30/1997 Susan ScribnerA The Famous Heroine Mary Balogh Regency Subtle 1996 08/15/1997 Dalia HedfiA- Dance Judy Cuevas Eur Hist Subtle 1996 08/14/1997 Lee GilmoreA The Secret Julie Garwood Medieval Hot 1992 06/21/1997 Rebecca VinyardA The Princess and the Barbarian Betina Krahn Fant Rom Hot 1993 06/15/1997 Paige OlsonA A Knight in Shining Armor Jude Deveraux TT Warm 2002 06/08/1997 Ann McGuireA Lady Gallant Suzanne Robinson Renaissance Hot 1992 06/06/1997 Meridith MooreA A Rose at Midnight Anne Stuart Eur Hist Hot 1993 05/15/1997 Marion SmithA Lord of Scoundrels Loretta Chase Eur Hist Hot 1995 05/15/1997 Kathy GuajardoA A Basket of Wishes Rebecca Paisley Fant Rom Hot 1995 05/11/1997 Alina LaurieA Beneath a Sapphire Sea Jessica Bryan Fant Rom Subtle 1993 05/10/1997 Janet DugasA It Had To Be You Susan Elizabeth Phillips Contemp Warm 1994 05/01/1997 Susan ScribnerA A Kingdom of Dreams Judith McNaught Renaissance Subtle 1991 04/08/1997 Chris FurbacherA The Boyfriend School Sarah Bird Contemp Subtle 2003 04/05/1997 Susan ScribnerA The Velvet Series Jude Deveraux Renaissance Warm 1991 03/29/1997 Elena OppedisanoA The Lion’s Lady Julie Garwood Eur Hist Hot 1991 03/16/1997 Alina LaurieA The Sherbrooke Bride Catherine Coulter Eur Hist Hot 1992 03/03/1997 Chris FurbacherA The Black Lyon Jude Deveraux Medieval Warm 1996 03/02/1997 Elena OppedisanoA- Guardian Angel Julie Garwood Eur Hist Hot 1990 02/08/1997 Liana LaRicciaA Silver Linings Jayne Ann Krentz Contemp Warm 1997 10/20/1996 R.C.


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