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The best way to think about our DIK reviews is that a Desert Isle Keeper is the kind of book you’d want with you if your ship went down at sea. Most of our DIK reviews are written by staff reviewers, but when this site first began, we decided that one way into the mind of authors was for them to share their favorite or most influential reads. And because we like to be organic, we also decided that readers could also submit DIK reviews. In general we will accept one or two DIK reviews per reviewer or author, but on occasion we will accept additional DIK reviews by an author or reader. An author-submitted DIK review should be of an all-time favorite book or a book that influenced the author’s writing. A reader-submitted DIK review should be of an all-time favorite book.

When sending in your DIK review draft, please be sure to include your full name and email address so we may work with you on editing your review for finalization on the site. A complete email address is required for the form to be submitted; if for some other reason you get an error message when trying to submit this form, you can email the information to Blythe ]]>

You will be contacted within a few days of sending in your review draft and your finalized review will not go online without your approval. If of a romance novel, your review draft should include an opening and conclusion, no more than four paragraphs of synopsis information – without spoilers – and information about the hero, the heroine, their chemistry and romance, and why the book is such a favorite. If the book is not a romance, obviously information about chemistry and romance isn’t necessary. We do not specify any particular format because reviews of books such as these are near and dear to our hearts and we do not wish to limit your creativity and enthusiasm in selling all of us on the merits of reading your DIK.

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