Grade Title Author Book Type Sensuality Published Reviewed ReviewerA- My Surrender Connie Brockway Eur Hist Warm 2005 05/16/2005 EllenA- Simply Unforgettable Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 2005 05/10/2005 JaneA- The Dark Queen Susan Carroll Renaissance Warm 2005 05/03/2005 LynnA- Till Next We Meet Karen Ranney Eur Hist Hot 05/2005 04/16/2005 EllenA- Marrying Mozart Stephanie Cowell Hist Fict Subtle 2005 04/10/2005 LynnA- On The Scent M.J. Rodgers Series Warm 04/1994 03/16/2005 Leigh TA- Scent of a Woman Jo Leigh Series Burning 01/2002 03/14/2005 Leigh TA- Flirting with Danger Suzanne Enoch Contemp Warm 03/2005 02/16/2005 SandyA Mr. Impossible Loretta Chase Hist Rom Warm 03/2005 02/16/2005 SandyA Second Nature Alice Hoffman Fiction Subtle 1998 02/06/2005 Leigh TA Exposure Susan Andersen Rom Susp Warm 1999 01/19/2005 EllenA- Nothing More To Lose Kathryn Shay Contemp Warm 02/2005 01/19/2005 EllenA- The Fifth Mountain Paulo Coelho Hist Fict N/A 1999 01/11/2005 LLBA- What Do You Say to a Naked Elf? Cheryl Sterling Fant Rom Warm 01/2005 01/07/2005 BlytheA- Hot Target Suzanne Brockmann Rom Susp Warm 2005 01/04/2005 JenniferA Survivor in Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Hot 01/2005 12/13/2004 JenniferA- Charlie All Night Jennifer Crusie Contemp Warm 2004 12/12/2004 Leigh TA- Taking Liberties Diana Norman Hist Fict N/A 2004 12/08/2004 DianaA The First Horseman Elizabeth Morris Series Warm 12/1992 12/06/2004 Leigh TA Glittering Images Susan Howatch Hist Fict Subtle 1988 11/23/2004 JenniferA- Blue Dahlia Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 2004 11/08/2004 LizA- Echoes Erin Grady Rom Susp Warm 2004 11/04/2004 SandyA- Miss Fortune Julia London Contemp Hot 2004 10/26/2004 LoriA- Dream of Me Lisa Cach Fant Rom Hot 2004 10/18/2004 Leigh TA The Temporary Wife Mary Balogh Regency Warm 1997 10/07/2004 Nonnie St GeorgeA Duke of Sin Adele Ashworth Eur Hist Hot 2004 10/04/2004 SandyA- Northern Lights Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 2004 09/29/2004 SandyA Nightfall Anne Stuart Rom Susp Hot 1994 09/15/2004 Leigh TA Remember the Time Annette Reynolds Contemp Hot 1997 09/11/2004 Linda AbertA- Guarding Jane Doe Harper Allen Series Warm 08/2001 09/10/2004 Leigh TA- A Family for Gillian Catherine Blair Regency Kisses 2001 09/01/2004 LLBA- A.K.A. Goddess Evelyn Vaughn Series Fict Warm 08/2004 08/30/2004 Leigh TA A College of Magics Caroline Stevermer Fant Fict N/A 2002 08/24/2004 JenniferA Child’s Play Bethany Campbell Series Warm 09/1992 06/28/2004 Leigh TA- The Man That Got Away Harper Allen Series Warm 04/1998 06/14/2004 Leigh TA The Harry Potter Series J.K. Rowling Fant Fict N/A 2004 06/12/2004 BlytheA A Thousand Roses Bethany Campbell Series Kisses 12/1986 05/27/2004 Leigh TA- Courting Trouble Nonnie St. George Regency Subtle 2004 05/23/2004 JaneA Slightly Dangerous Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 2005 05/22/2004 SandyA- Seduction Amanda Quick Eur Hist Warm 1990 05/21/2004 Karen HodgenA- Could it Be You? Mary Anne Wilson Series Warm 01/1994 03/23/2004 Leigh TA- After Glow Jayne Castle Paranormal Warm 2004 03/12/2004 LizA Bet Me Jennifer Crusie Contemp Warm 2004 02/19/2004 RachelA Dance Judy Cuevas Eur Hist Subtle 1996 02/14/2004 Lee GilmoreA Honest Illusions Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 1992 02/12/2004 JenA Honest Illusions Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 1992 02/12/2004 Diana ColemanA- Undead and Unwed MaryJanice Davidson Vamp Rom Hot 2004 02/06/2004 LaurieA- The Arms of the Law Jenna Ryan Series Warm 09/1998 02/04/2004 Leigh TA Do Not Disturb Christie Ridgway Contemp Hot 2004 12/31/2003 DonnaA The Ideal Bride Nonnie St. George Regency Kisses 2003 12/23/2003 EllenA- The Heartbreaker Rexanne Becnel Eur Hist Hot 2003 11/18/2003 LynnA- A Clean Slate Laura Caldwell Chick Lit Subtle 2003 11/14/2003 MargueriteA- I Burn for You Susan Sizemore Vamp Rom Warm 2003 10/22/2003 LizA Nowhere Man Rebecca York Series Warm 2003 10/19/2003 Leigh TA Remember When Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 2004 10/03/2003 LizA Remember When J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Warm 2004 10/03/2003 LizA Wedding the Highlander Janet Chapman TT Warm 2003 09/26/2003 TaKieshaA Katherine Anya Seton Hist Fict Subtle 2004 09/17/2003 Lynn HeitkampA To Have vs. To Hold M.J. Rodgers Series Warm 10/1996 09/03/2003 Leigh TA Banish Misfortune Anne Stuart Series Warm 03/1985 07/21/2003 Leigh TA- The Sea Wife Holly Cook Eur Hist Warm 2003 06/22/2003 JenniferA Forever His Shelly Thacker TT Hot 1993 06/16/2003 Ellen HestandA- Late for the Wedding Amanda Quick Eur Hist Warm 2004 06/12/2003 LizA Compromising Positions Beverly Bird Series Subtle 04/1997 06/12/2003 Leigh TA Kushiel’s Avatar Jacqueline Carey Fant Fict Hot 2004 05/29/2003 HeidiA Olivia and Jai Rebecca Ryman Hist Fict Warm 1991 05/28/2003 Carrie HoonA- Bad Moon Rising Katherine Sutcliffe Rom Susp Hot 2003 05/25/2003 SandyA Captives of the Night Loretta Chase Eur Hist Hot 1994 05/23/2003 DonnaA The Rediscovery of Man Cordwainer Smith SF N/A 1993 05/23/2003 EllenA- Almost a Gentleman Pam Rosenthal Eur Hist Burning 2003 05/10/2003 JaneA A Piece of Heaven Barbara Samuel Wom Fict Warm 2004 05/05/2003 Sandy CreelmanA- Love With the Proper Husband Victoria Alexander Eur Hist Hot 2003 04/11/2003 KellyA- Sweet Release Pamela Clare Hist Rom Hot 2003 04/11/2003 MargueriteA Tatiana and Alexander Paullina Simons Hist Fict Warm 2003 03/30/2003 RachelA Tatiana and Alexander Paullina Simons Hist Fict Warm 2003 03/30/2003 NoelleA Out of the Blue Isabel Wolff Wom Fict Subtle 2003 03/28/2003 DonnaA The Iron Rose Marsha Canham Pirate Romance Hot 2003 03/11/2003 NoraA Losing It Beverly Sommers Series Warm 12/1988 03/10/2003 Leigh TA A Dove at Midnight Rexanne Becnel Medieval Hot 1993 03/01/2003 NicoleA The Lovely Bones Alice Sebold Fiction Subtle 2004 02/27/2003 KellyA Portrait in Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Hot 2003 02/26/2003 ShelleyA Buried Secrets Evelyn Vaughn Series Warm 02/2003 02/17/2003 AnthonyA- Charming the Highlander Janet Chapman TT Warm 2003 02/04/2003 DonnaA- She Went All The Way Meggin Cabot Contemp Hot 2002 01/09/2003 SandyA- The Night in Question Harper Allen Series Warm 09/2002 01/04/2003 Leigh TA- Almost a Princess Elizabeth Thornton Eur Hist Warm 2003 12/31/2002 SandyA Beloved Stranger Joan Wolf Series Warm 03/1984 12/24/2002 RachelA- His Bride Gayle Callen Tudor Rom Warm 2002 11/11/2002 JaneA Chesapeake Blue Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 2004 10/31/2002 LLBA- All American Girl Meg Cabot YA Kisses 2002 09/06/2002 RachelA- No True Gentlemen Liz Carlyle Eur Hist Warm 2002 07/31/2002 JaneA- Prospect Street Emilie Richards Wom Fict Subtle 2003 07/14/2002 RachelA- George and the Virgin Lisa Cach TT Warm 2002 06/28/2002 RachelA Hold on Tight Deborah Smith Series Warm 04/1988 06/23/2002 RachelA The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood Fiction Subtle 1998 06/22/2002 NoelleA- A Question of Honor Nita Abrams Eur Hist Warm 2002 06/21/2002 JaneA A Summer to Remember Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 2003 06/17/2002 EllenA- Black Silk Judy Cuevas/Judith Ivory Eur Hist Warm 2002 06/17/2002 ClaudiaA- I Think I Love You Stephanie Bond Wom Fict Subtle 2002 06/03/2002 KellyA- The Seduction Julia Ross Eur Hist Hot 2004 06/02/2002 JenA- Love Story Erich Segal Fiction Subtle 2002 05/04/2002 AndreaA- Three Fates Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 2003 04/25/2002 AndreaA Alien Taste Wen Spencer Fant Fict Subtle 2001 04/17/2002 RachelA- Princess In Love Meg Cabot YA Kisses 2002 04/09/2002 RachelA Till the Stars Fall Kathleen Gilles Seidel Contemp Warm 1994 03/23/2002 RachelA Forgotten Elegance Wendell Schollander/Wes Schollander Non Fict N/A 2001 02/19/2002 EllenA- Her Secret, His Child Tara Taylor Quinn Series Subtle 04/1999 02/16/2002 RachelA The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien Fant Fict N/A 2003 01/19/2002 Ms AggieA- Wicked Loving Lies Rosemary Rogers Hist Rom Hot 2002 01/15/2002 Larry RogersA Lord of the Night Susan Wiggs Renaissance N/A 1993 01/14/2002 ColleenA- Sweet Nothings Catherine Anderson Contemp Hot 2002 12/26/2001 MarianneA Belle of the Ball Donna Simpson Regency Kisses 2001 12/23/2001 RobinA- Double Trouble Claire Cross Contemp Hot 2001 11/29/2001 AndreaA French Leave Sheri Cobb South Regency Kisses 2001 11/28/2001 EllenA Born in Ice Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1996 11/15/2001 Paulina RhueA- Bitten Kelley Armstrong Shapeshift Fict Hot 2004 11/13/2001 RachelA- Gabriel’s Woman Robin Schone Eur Hist Burning 2001 09/16/2001 MarianneA Darkling I Listen Katherine Sutcliffe Rom Susp Hot 2001 09/12/2001 MarianneA Danegeld Susan Squires Medieval Warm 2001 08/18/2001 EllenA Vengeance in Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Hot 1997 08/01/2001 JenA- A Falcon’s Heart Jayel Wylie Medieval Warm 2001 07/21/2001 HeidiA- Summer Light Luanne Rice Wom Fict Subtle 2002 07/11/2001 AndreaA- The Bronze Horseman Paullina Simons Hist Fict Hot 2002 07/08/2001 NoraA White Lion’s Lady Tina St. John Medieval Warm 2001 06/29/2001 HeidiA Never Change Elizabeth Berg Wom Fict Subtle 2002 06/21/2001 RachelA Bliss Judy Cuevas Eur Hist Warm 1995 06/01/2001 RachelA Summers at Castle Auburn Sharon Shinn SF Kisses 2002 05/02/2001 RachelA Mirrors and Mistakes Kathleen Gilles Seidel Series Subtle 05/1984 04/23/2001 RachelA- Anne’s Perfect Husband Gayle Wilson Eur Hist Subtle 03/2001 04/21/2001 JenA The Secret of Chimneys Agatha Christie Mystery Kisses 2001 04/11/2001 Maria K.A The American Duchess Joan Wolf Regency Subtle 1982 03/14/2001 Rachel PotterA The Secret Swan Shana Abe Medieval Hot 2001 03/03/2001 JenniferA Fifteen Beverly Cleary YA Kisses 1996 03/01/2001 RachelA- Hidden Riches J.D. Roberts Rom Susp Warm 1995 03/01/2001 JenA- The Phoenix Code Catherine Asaro SF Rom Warm 2000 02/19/2001 JenA Companions of the Night Vivian Vande Velde YA Kisses 2002 02/11/2001 Rachel PotterA- A Woman of Virtue Liz Carlyle Eur Hist Hot 2001 02/08/2001 EllenA Betrayal in Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Hot 2001 02/08/2001 JenniferA The Apothecary Rose Candace Robb Medieval Warm 1993 02/03/2001 JenA Awaken, My Love Robin Schone TT Burning 2001 01/17/2001 Elena OppedisanoA- No Place Like Home Barbara Samuel Wom Fict Warm 2003 01/14/2001 RachelA His Lordship’s Mistress Joan Wolf Regency Subtle 2000 01/11/2001 EllenA Married by Mistake Melinda McRae Regency Subtle 2000 01/11/2001 EllenA Archangel Sharon Shinn Series Fict Kisses 1996 01/01/2001 RachelA- Uncharted Territory Connie Willis SF N/A 1994 12/25/2000 Maria K.A+ Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Class Fict N/A 1983 12/18/2000 BlytheA The Viscount Who Loved Me Julia Quinn Eur Hist Warm 2000 12/08/2000 JenA Doomsday Book Connie Willis SF N/A 1993 12/06/2000 BlytheA Heart of the Sea Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 2000 11/27/2000 ClaudiaA- The Devil’s Delilah Loretta Chase Regency Kisses 2004 11/14/2000 CandyA A Century of American Romance A special series by several authors Series Warm 2004 11/03/2000 S.L. HardwickA- Of Midnight Born Lisa Cach Ghost Rom Hot 2000 09/30/2000 Mary NA- Mandarin Plaid S.J. Rozan Mystery Subtle 1997 09/15/2000 Anthony LangfordA Girl With A Pearl Earring Tracy Chevalier Hist Fict Subtle 2001 09/10/2000 ColleenA- Night Shield Nora Roberts Series Warm 09/2000 09/09/2000 JaneA Brighton Honeymoon Sheri Cobb South Regency Kisses 2000 09/05/2000 NoraA- Sacred Sins Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 2001 08/25/2000 KellyA- Spotlight Carole Bellacera Fiction Warm 2001 08/21/2000 JenA The Secret Pearl Mary Balogh Regency Warm 11/2005 08/15/2000 TeresaA Judgment in Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Warm 2000 08/14/2000 Lori-AnneA Mr Perfect Linda Howard Contemp Hot 2003 08/10/2000 MarianneA- More than a Mistress Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 2001 08/06/2000 NoraA- Come Together Josie Lloyd/Emlyn Rees Chick Lit Warm 2000 07/30/2000 ColleenA- Tryst of Fate Isabel Sharpe Series Warm 07/2000 07/25/2000 MarianneA A Bed of Spices Barbara Samuel Medieval Warm 1993 07/23/2000 Vivien FritscheA Winter Garden Adele Ashworth Eur Hist Hot 2000 06/29/2000 EllenA The Stars My Destination Alfred Bester SF N/A 1996 06/08/2000 EllenA Beautiful Stranger Ruth Wind Series Warm 06/2000 06/01/2000 EllenA- In the Midnight Rain Ruth Wind Wom Fict Subtle 2000 06/01/2000 MarianneA- Tears of the Moon Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 2000 06/01/2000 BlytheA The Lord Peter Wimsey Series Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery Subtle 1995 05/10/2000 EllenA Say Yes Lori Foster Series Warm 03/2000 05/07/2000 LaurieA Lady of Valor Tina St. John Medieval Warm 2000 05/02/2000 LoriA Breaking the Rules Ruth Wind Series Subtle 07/1994 05/01/2000 EllenA Lord Stanhope’s Proposal Jessica Benson Regency Subtle 2000 04/19/2000 NoraA A Precious Jewel Mary Balogh Regency Warm 1993 04/12/2000 RobinA- Baby, Don’t Go Susan Andersen Contemp Hot 2000 04/07/2000 ClaudiaA Midnight Kisses Kimberly Raye Contemp Hot 2000 03/20/2000 LaurieA- Midnight Kisses Kimberly Raye Contemp Hot 2000 03/20/2000 JenniferA Welcome To Temptation Jennifer Crusie Rom Susp Hot 2004 03/15/2000 JenniferA The Obedient Bride Mary Balogh Regency Warm 1989 03/10/2000 RobinA The Golden Chronicles Series Patricia Veryan Eur Hist N/A 1990 03/06/2000 Jocelyn GraftonA Queen of the Darkness Anne Bishop Fant Fict Hot 2000 03/01/2000 Monica SchwarzeA- A Kiss At Midnight Shana Abe Medieval Warm 2000 02/29/2000 CandyA No Crystal Stair Eva Rutland Romance Subtle 2000 01/29/2000 Nicolette JardineA- Heir to the Shadows Anne Bishop Fant Fict N/A 1999 01/28/2000 Monica SchwarzeA- Lord St. Claire’s Angel Donna Simpson Regency Kisses 1999 01/26/2000 Anne MA The Changeling Bride Lisa Cach TT Hot 1999 01/17/2000 LizA- Feel the Heat Kathryn Shay Series Warm 10/1999 01/13/2000 AndreaA To Love a Dark Lord Anne Stuart Eur Hist Hot 1994 01/10/2000 LLBA A Season In Eden Megan Chance West/Frontier Kisses 1999 12/23/1999 LaurieA- Jewels of the Sun Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1999 12/15/1999 Laura GawronskiA The Hidden Hand Mrs. E.D.E.N. Southworth Gothic Kisses 1997 12/03/1999 EllenA The Gentleman Thief Deborah Simmons Eur Hist Warm 2000 12/02/1999 RobinA Skin Deep Kathleen Cross Contemp Warm 1999 11/13/1999 ColleenA- When Venus Fell Deborah Smith West/Frontier Subtle 1999 11/08/1999 AndreaA The Perfect Gift Christina Skye Paranormal Warm 1999 11/02/1999 Lori-AnneA Forbidden Jo Beverley Eur Hist Warm 2003 10/14/1999 RobinA- Loyalty In Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Warm 1999 10/12/1999 ClaudiaA Infinity Maggie Shayne Witch Rom Warm 1999 10/11/1999 ColleenA The Black Angel Barbara Samuel Eur Hist Warm 1999 10/08/1999 EllenA- Jewels of the Sun Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1999 10/01/1999 LLBA- The Horsemaster’s Daughter Susan Wiggs Amer Hist Warm 2003 09/29/1999 NoraA- Wicked Jill Barnett Medieval Hot 1999 09/07/1999 BlytheA Heartless Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 1995 09/05/1999 EllenA More Than You Dreamed Kathleen Gilles Seidel Contemp Warm 1991 09/02/1999 Carol IrvinA My Beloved Karen Ranney Medieval Hot 1999 08/30/1999 MarianneA Again Kathleen Gilles Seidel Contemp Warm 1994 08/15/1999 Carol IrvinA One Night for Love Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 1999 08/04/1999 BlytheA Silent Melody Mary Balogh Eur Hist Warm 1997 08/04/1999 Anne RA Heart of the West Penelope Williamson West/Frontier Warm 1995 08/03/1999 Vivien FritscheA One Hundred and One Ways Mako Yoshikawa Wom Fict Hot 2000 07/27/1999 Mary AnnA Vulcan’s Heart Josepha Sherman/Susan Shwartz SF N/A 2000 07/25/1999 RebeccaA Keeper of the Dream Penelope Williamson Medieval Warm 1992 07/20/1999 Vivien FritscheA- Carnal Innocence Nora Roberts Rom Susp Warm 1999 07/19/1999 BlytheA- The Lady’s Tutor Robin Schone Eur Hist Burning 2002 07/10/1999 RobinA Dancing with Clara Mary Balogh Regency Warm 1994 07/01/1999 EllenA Lord of Vengeance Tina St. John Medieval Warm 1999 06/23/1999 LoriA- The Pretender Rosalyn West Civil War Warm 1999 06/22/1999 BlytheA+ Barefoot in the Grass Judith Arnold Series Warm 11/1996 06/09/1999 DebA The Night Drifter Susan Carroll Paranormal Warm 2000 06/02/1999 Monica SchwartzA The Long Way Home Cheryl Reavis Series Warm 04/1999 05/30/1999 DebA The Bachelor Party Paula Detmer Riggs Series Warm 07/1995 05/14/1999 EllenA Bad Karma Theresa Weir Psychic Rom Warm 1999 05/13/1999 Anne MA- Rendezvous Amanda Quick Eur Hist Warm 1991 05/10/1999 BlytheA+ The Quantum Rose Catherine Asaro SF Rom Warm 2002 04/27/1999 LaurieA Isn’t It Romantic? Ronda Thompson Contemp Hot 1998 04/26/1999 RobinA Bartered Bride Anne Avery Medieval Warm 1999 04/26/1999 KatarinaA Tell Me Lies Jennifer Crusie Contemp Hot 1999 04/11/1999 DebA Swept Away Candace Camp Eur Hist Warm 1999 04/10/1999 NoraA Hummingbird LaVyrle Spencer West/Frontier Warm 1994 04/06/1999 EllenA Strange Bedpersons Jennifer Crusie Series Warm 2003 04/01/1999 ColleenA Crazy For You Jennifer Crusie Contemp Hot 2000 03/15/1999 MarianneA- How to Marry a Marquis Julia Quinn Eur Hist Subtle 1999 03/08/1999 LLBA- Sweeter Than Wine Michaela August Amer Hist Warm 2004 03/04/1999 NoraA- The Silent Cradle Margaret Cuthbert Suspense Subtle 1999 02/27/1999 Mary AnnA- Be My Baby Susan Andersen Contemp Hot 1999 02/23/1999 RebeccaA Nell Jeanette Baker TT Warm 1999 02/16/1999 NoraA- Nell Jeanette Baker TT Warm 1999 02/16/1999 BlytheA Manhunting Jennifer Crusie Series Warm 2000 02/01/1999 LaurieA- Upon a Wicked Time Karen Ranney Eur Hist Hot 1998 01/18/1999 MarianneA The Blood of Roses Marsha Canham Eur Hist Hot 1998 01/17/1999 Sharal HeinemannA- Pale Moon Rider Marsha Canham Eur Hist Hot 1999 12/29/1998 Anne MA To Say Nothing of the Dog Connie Willis SF Kisses 1998 12/22/1998 BlytheA Immortal In Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Warm 1996 12/15/1998 Mary Claire HennesseyA Taming the Night Paula Detmer Riggs Contemp Warm 1999 12/08/1998 EllenA For Christmas, Forever Ruth Wind Series Warm 11/1998 11/24/1998 AndreaA Walking After Midnight Karen Robards Contemp Warm 1995 11/15/1998 EllenA The Notorious Rake Mary Balogh Regency Subtle 1992 10/15/1998 BlytheA Forbidden Magic Jo Beverley Paranormal Hot 1998 10/06/1998 EllenA The Bride’s Bodyguard Elizabeth Thornton Eur Hist Hot 1997 09/31/1998 DebA Cinderman Anne Stuart Series Warm 02/1994 09/25/1998 DebA- My Darling Caroline Adele Ashworth Eur Hist Hot 1998 09/22/1998 Anne MA+ The Winning Hand Nora Roberts Series Warm 09/1998 09/16/1998 AndreaA- The Winning Hand Nora Roberts Series Warm 09/1998 09/16/1998 BlytheA Cool Shade Theresa Weir Rom Susp Hot 1998 09/10/1998 Anne MA The Outsider Rosalyn West Civil War Subtle 1998 09/03/1998 BlytheA Born in Fire Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1994 09/03/1998 Melissa GoldA Lord Carew’s Bride Mary Balgh Regency Warm 1995 09/02/1998 Anne MA You Only Love Twice Elizabeth Thornton Eur Hist Warm 1998 08/31/1998 DebA Rising Tides Nora Roberts Contemp Hot 1998 08/28/1998 Melissa GoldA Meant to be Married Ruth Wind Series Subtle 07/1998 08/05/1998 EllenA Fairytale Maggie Shayne Fant Rom Hot 1996 07/28/1998 Mary AnnA Little Darlin’ Cheryl Reavis Series Subtle 05/1998 07/22/1998 DebA The Last Rogue Deborah Simmons Eur Hist Warm 1998 07/10/1998 EllenA Night Into Day Sandra Canfield Series Hot 10/1987 07/01/1998 DebA Glory In Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Hot 1995 06/14/1998 MarianneA Lord of Midnight Jo Beverley Medieval Warm 1998 06/12/1998 MarianneA Holiday In Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Hot 1998 06/10/1998 MarianneA Naked In Death J.D. Robb Fut Rom Susp Hot 1995 05/10/1998 MarianneA Sea Swept Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1998 05/04/1998 Linda MoweryA Rachel LeMoyne Eileen Charbonneau Hist Fict Subtle 1999 04/25/1998 EllenA- Ravished Amanda Quick Eur Hist Warm 1992 04/15/1998 EllenA- The Virgin and the Vagabond Elizabeth Bevarly Series Subtle 03/1998 03/31/1998 EllenA Morning Glory LaVyrle Spencer Americana Subtle 1990 03/24/1998 EllenA The Vicar’s Daughter Deborah Simmons Eur Hist Hot 1995 03/05/1998 MarianneA+ Wife is a Four Letter Word Stephanie Bond Series Subtle 02/1998 02/12/1998 DebA+ One Christmas Knight Kathleen Creighton Series Subtle 11/1997 02/07/1998 DebA One Christmas Knight Kathleen Creighton Series Subtle 11/1997 02/07/1998 EllenA- The Bargain Jane Ashford Eur Hist Subtle 1997 10/15/1997 LLBA Night Fire Catherine Coulter Eur Hist Hot 1989 10/01/1997 LLBA The MacGregor Series Nora Roberts Series Warm 1999 09/22/1997 Linda MoweryA The Famous Heroine Mary Balogh Regency Subtle 1996 08/15/1997 Dalia HedfiA Born in Fire Nora Roberts Contemp Warm 1994 06/20/1997 LLBA Lady Gallant Suzanne Robinson Tudor Rom Hot 1992 06/06/1997 Meridith MooreA Splendid Julia Quinn Eur Hist Hot 1995 01/25/1997 LLBA Bewitching Jill Barnett Witch Rom Hot 1993 12/06/1996 Anne RA+ Velvet Bond Catherine Archer Medieval Warm 1995 03/15/1996 LLBA The Flame and the Flower Kathleen Woodiwiss Hist Rom Hot 1988 08/25/1988 Leslie DiamondA My Love, My Enemy Jan Cox Speas Hist Rom Kisses 1984 00/00/0000 Patricia S.A Lords of the White Castle Elizabeth Chadwick Hist Fict Subtle 2002 00/00/0000 Teresa EckfordA A Rose at Midnight Anne Stuart Eur Hist Hot 1993 00/00/0000 Marion SmithA The Boyfriend School Sarah Bird Contemp Subtle 2003 00/00/0000 Susan ScribnerA Bride of the MacHugh Jan Cox Speas Eur Hist Subtle 1978 00/00/0000 Amy KingA The Sherbrooke Bride Catherine Coulter Eur Hist Hot 1992 00/00/0000 Chris FurbacherA Black Silk Judy Cuevas Eur Hist Warm 2002 00/00/0000 Sherry ThomasA The Rescue Nicholas Sparks Fiction Warm 2001 00/00/0000 Lisbeth-Ann FitzgeraldA A Fire in the Heart Katherine Sutcliffe Eur Hist Hot 1990 00/00/0000 Odile SaurelA The Portrait Megan Chance Amer Hist Warm 1995 00/00/0000 Carol IrvinA Kushiel’s Dart Jacqueline Carey Fant Fict Warm 2002 00/00/0000 Cecile ZhaoA Lord of Scoundrels Loretta Chase Eur Hist Hot 1995 00/00/0000 Kathy Guajardo
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