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AAR at a Glance:

All About Romance was the romance destination of choice for over 3,000,000 unique visitors in 2006, who viewed more than 13,000,000 pages throughout the year. If you google “romance novels”, our home page is the first listing you’ll see. No other romance website can match our traffic – or our growth.

Our readers are of all ages and demographics, but they all share one thing in common: Every visitor to AAR is looking for great romance books to buy. In fact, in our 2005 reader survey, we discovered that more than half of our readers spent at least $250 buying romances, with nearly a quarter of them spending $500 or more.

At surprisingly affordable rates, ads at AAR will receive:

  • 50,000 impressions per month on review pages
  • 35,000 impressions per month on non-review pages.

About AAR:

AAR is the website recognized in the mainstream media as the authority on romance. We’ve been graded A- by Entertainment Weekly and been highlighted in feature articles in Salon.com and on CBC radio, along with numerous books, academic works, and, of course – Wikipedia!

AAR is highly interactive with message boards open 24/7, generating discussions that reverberate across the Web and across the media.

With 7,000 pages of unique content, no other site can come even close to matching our variety, depth, and sensibility.

Clients & Content:

From publishers like Harlequin/Silhouette and Bethany House to authors at all levels of publishing – including e-publishing — to sellers of romantic goods and services and multi-author blogs, there is something for everyone at AAR.

We are proud to maintain total separation between editorial and advertising content at AAR, offering advertisers an editorial legitimacy other sites can’t claim. And, since book-specific ads are prohibited on AAR’s review pages unless the proceeds are being donated to charity, advertising at AAR offers a tremendous opportunity for publishers to advertise entire imprints or lines on 6,000+ review pages, resulting in an extremely high number of ad impressions – approximately 50,000 per month – during a campaign.

Advertising Options:

We offer three types of advertising at AAR:

1. AAR Banner Ads: Available in two different sizes and on both review and non-review pages. Click here for our banner ad specs.

2. Banner Ad /Romantic Teasers Combination: This option offers advertisers two different banner ads through the site, plus a link to a full-page ad in our Romantic Teasers section prominently featured on our home page. If you choose this option, your banner ads link to your full-page ad (think of it as your home away from home). Content on your full-page ad can be updated gratis throughout your campaign. Click here for our full-page ad template.

3. Advertising at AAR After Hours, AAR’s “off-topic” blog: This affordable option offers book-sized ads that appear “above the fold” in a very prominent location, and because this blog is “off-topic”, our pricing is too. With the audience for the blog growing daily, this option offers you a unique – and especially affordable – way to reach AAR readers.

Though we are not professional designers, we offer full design services. For a portfolio of banner ads created by AAR, click here. To see some of our full-page ads, click here, here, or here.

Pricing & Payment:

Due to our unprecedented growth in traffic in 2006, we have adjusted our advertising rates, though they remain 50% lower than other general web sites with similar traffic levels.

It’s important to note that the monthly rate at our biggest romance website competitor – the web site for a well-know print publication – is more than twice the rate of advertising at AAR for a full year (applying their rates to our level of traffic).

The tables below provide pricing and payment information for ad campaigns and design services if requested.

We provide for two unique sets of ad rotations and two separate pricing schemes. Because ads for specific books and/or authors are prohibited from appearing on review pages, and because such prohibitions do not apply to other ads (for publishers, or other providers of goods and/or services), the ads are separated. As a result, the ads in the restricted rotation receive fewer views in a month’s time than the non-restricted ads. The current number of ad impressions for restricted ads is 35,000 per month whereas non-restricted ads are viewed 50,000 times per month at this time. To charge equitably, we offer two separate pricing schemes.

Advertising at AAR Proper Campaign Length   Restricted Campaigns (for Authors)
35,000+ monthly ad impressions/non-review pgs Savings Unrestricted Campaigns
50,000+ monthly ad impressions/review pgs Savings One month $100   $143   Three months $270 $30 $383 $46 Six months $520 $80 $745 $113 Nine months $750 $150 $1064 $223 Twelve months $955 $245 $1355 $361 These are our basic ad packages; if you would like to advertise for a duration not listed,
arrangments can be made to satisfy your needs.

If you also need design assistance, add your campaign fee with the design fee from the table below (for one or both “banner” ads and/or a “full-page” ad) for your total…don’t worry, examples are provided.

Partial or Full Design Fees at AAR Proper * One ad $25 ** Two ads $35 *** Three ads $50

The design fee covers any changes to your full-page ad during the campaign’s duration
If additional banner ads are requested during your campaign, you will be charged extra

* One banner or full-page ad (if the former, you will provide second banner)
** Both banners or one banner and full-page ad (if the latter, you will provide second banner)
*** Both banners and full-page ad

Preferred method of payment is Paypal, although checks and money orders are accepted.

Confused? Here’s an example: You are an author looking to advertise on AAR proper for three months – banners only – and you require design work for both ads. The advertising fee for three months is $270, the design fee for both banners $35, and your total is $305. You can expect your ads to be seen at least 105,000 times during your campaign.

Here’s another: You are a publisher looking to advertise with banners and a full-page ad AAR proper for a year. You are providing both banners but need a full-page ad designed. Your advertising fee is $1,355, the design fee is $25, and your total is $1,380. During the length of your campaign, your number of ad impressions will be at least 600,000.

As for advertising on AAR After Hours, it is without restriction…and even more heavily discounted, so it is limited. Our flat fee per campaign is $50 for two months on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like us to design your ad for the blog, the design fee is $25.

If you are interested in advertising at AAR or AAR After Hours, please submit the following form (after which you will be redirected to a thank you page…make sure your email address is correct and complete, however, or you will be redirected to an error page):

Your name:
Your email address:
What would you like to advertise?
For what length of time would you like to advertise?
What are the (start and end) dates for your advertising campaign?
Which of our three advertising options would work best for your needs?
What url should your ad point to?
Will you be providing web-ready “banner” ads and/or full-page ad,
or will you need assistance with either or both?
If your “web-ready” material when provided really isn’t, or isn’t complete, do you agree to pay a $15 fee for us to complete your material? Please provide your phone number in case we need to contact you

If you encounter difficulties in submitting this form, please ]]> to me. Search our reviews database by Title or Author by Titleby Author’s Last Nameby Author’s First Name Do a more in-depth review search via Power Search

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