Top 100 Romances Poll

October 1, 2007

Poll Dates: October 1 thru midnight, October 31

Throughout the month of October we are polling for your top 100 romances. This is the fourth time since the inception of AAR that we have conducted this poll. We invite all romance readers to participate in this poll – to do so, simply provide us with a list of your top 100 romances, in ranked order. It is not necessary for your list to include 100 titles, but you may include up to that amount. In order for the results of this poll to be as valid and representative as possible, we need as many romance readers to vote as possible – so send your friends this url and ask them to vote! – and for the spirit of true competition to be the basis for this poll. In other words, your list must include titles by more than one author (and all her aka’s).

To participate in this poll, you must submit your ballot of up to 100 romances, in ranked order, no later than midnight, October 31st. You must include your name and email address for your ballot to be accepted, although we will never use either. If valid information is not given, your form will not be accepted and, upon submission, you will be redirected to our “Oops” page.

You will automatically be forwarded to a “thank you” page once you correctly submit your ballot.

Remember to rank your lists – numbering your top choice #1 or 1., your second favorite #2 or 2., and so on.


Your name: Your email address: Top 100 Romances (your ranked list should include title and author)


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