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September 25, 2006

Currently Polling: September 25 – October 8
Top Ten Heroes, Top Ten Heroines, & Top Ten Couples

Several years ago AAR began to conduct mini-polls, which were unfortunately interrupted when our original pollster could no longer fit them into her busy life. Our new pollsters devised a schedule to pick up where we left off, and earlier in September we began conducting a multitude of mini-polls that will continue throughout the remainder of 2006, and in 2007 through the end of September, after which we plan to re-do our Top 100 Romances poll, last done in 2004.

We encourage you to participate in as many of these polls as you would like. Two and sometimes three polls will be conducted simultaneously for a period of two weeks, after which the results will be posted and another set of polls begun, although only one set of polls will be conducted in any given month. As with our Favorite Books by Favorite Authors polling, these are weighted polls, and we ask that you rank up to ten authors and/or titles for each ballot you participate in (and you can participate in as few or many polls as you like). Your list must be ranked so that your top author or title in each particular poll is first on your list. You do not need your list to be ten strong, but it must be ranked.

We are conducting these Top Ten polls over the next year. Our current poll, which runs through midnight, October 8, is for Heroes, Heroines, and Couples:

  • Comfort Read Authors…Comfort Read Titles Results online
  • Heroes…Heroines…Couples – Current Poll
  • Mainstream Sexy Titles…Erotic Romance Titles…E-book Titles
  • Hanky Read Authors…Hanky Read Titles…Holiday Reads
  • Funny Authors…Funny Titles…Pets You Wish Were Yours
  • Hybrids: SF/FTitles (includes Futuristics)…Paranormal Titles…Time Travel Titles
  • Medieval Titles…Renaissance Titles…Exotic Settings (Historicals set outside Eurasia or in exotic time periods (example: Roman Empire, India)
  • Short Stories…Anthologies…Young Adult Authors
  • American Historicals (non-Western)…Western/Frontier Historicals (can include Canadian and Australian frontiers)
  • Contemporary Titles…Romantic Suspense Titles…Chick Lit Titles
  • Series/Category Titles…Cabin/Road Titles
  • Trad Regency Titles…European Historicals (British Isles)…European/Asian Historicals (outside of British Isles)

You must include your name and email address for your ballot to be accepted, although we will never use either. If valid information is not given, your form will not be accepted and, upon submission, you will be redirected to our “Oops” page.

You will automatically be forwarded to a “thank you” page once you correctly submit your ballot.

Top Ten Heroes, Top Ten Heroines, & Top Ten Couples polling ends at midnight, October 8th

For this grouping of polls, we ask not only that you remember to rank your lists – numbering your top choice #1 or 1., your second favorite #2 or 2., and so on – but that you include character names, authors, and book titles or book series. If a character or couple appears in more than one title, please provide only the series rather than the title (ie Eve and Roarke, Born In series rather than 1.Eve and Roarke, Born In Death, 4. Eve and Roarke, Origin In Death).

Your name: Your email address: Top Ten Heroes (your ranked list should include
character name, author, and book title or series)
Top Ten Heroines (your ranked list should include
character name, author, and book title or series)
Top Ten Couples (your ranked list should include
characters’ names, author, and book title or series)


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