Favorite Books by Favorite Author Ballot

Week #3 of polling runs March 19 – March 25

Click here for results for week #1

In 2000 AAR embarked upon an ambitious, two-year project to provide our readers with bouquets of books by favorite authors. In our recent site-wide user survey, readers asked that the Favorite Books by Favorite Authors feature be updated. We began that process on March 6th, 2006. In addition to refreshing the titles of many of the authors already polled, we’re adding new authors as well, including a number of those recently requested by you on one of our message boards.

Three AAR readers are volunteering their time on this project – Lee Brewer, Cindy Smith, and LinnieGayle – which we believe will span a three-month period. Lee, Cindy, and LinnieGayle are tallying up the ballots you send in throughout that time period…with a different set of authors to go online each week for twelve weeks. The authors included in this long-term project may have published 100 books or only five.

Each ballot will include approximately 12 authors. Because the authors on each ballot represent a variety of genres, we do not expect you to vote for every author on a given ballot. In fact, even if you are only familiar with one of the authors on a ballot, we would still like you to vote.

You may include up to 12 titles (ebooks or print books) for each author on a ballot. However, your list must be ranked, so that your favorite title by an author is first on your list, your second favorite title by that author is second, and so on. You do not need to list 12 titles for each author; just vote for your favorite titles, in order.

Here are the authors we are polling for beginning today, March 19th (the poll will close at midnight, March 25th):

  1. Cherry Adair
  2. Stella Cameron
  3. Susan Carroll
  4. Barbara Delinsky
  5. Heather Graham
  6. Emma Holly
  7. Linda Howard
  8. Sandra Kitt
  9. Laura Leone
  10. Kinley MacGregor
  11. Barbara Metzger
  12. Karen Ranney
  13. Barbara Samuel
  14. Ruth Wind

Barbara Samuel/Ruth Wind was originally included in last week’s ballot, but we realized by Tuesday an html coding error on the form excluded her votes. As a result we are repolling for her this week and regret not only our mistake, but your time if you are among those being asked to vote a second time.

Look for another set of authors to be polled for beginning Monday, March 20th, and every Monday thereafter until we complete the poll. We are uploading results as soon as possible after each poll closes…with three volunteers instead of one, this will go far more quickly than it did the first time around.

This particular feature is a very useful one for readers looking to try a new-to-them author. We ask that you participate for as many authors as you feel comfortable. All the authors we are polling for have published at least five books, but your list of favorites can include one title…or twelve. If you’ve read books by a particular author and enjoyed any of them, we hope you’ll take part in updating our Favorite Books by Favorite Authors feature.

You must include your name and email address for your ballot to be accepted, although we will never use either.

You will automatically be forwarded to a “thank you” page once you submit your ballot.

Remember to rank your favorites book/story titles, numbering your favorite #1 or 1., your second favorite #2 or 2., and so on.

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Cherry Adair
Stella Cameron
Susan Carroll
Barbara Delinsky
Heather Graham
Emma Holly
Linda Howard
Sandra Kitt
Laura Leone
Kinley MacGregor
Barbara Metzger
Karen Ranney
Barbara Samuel
Ruth Wind


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