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elaine smith
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I don’t think that someone with a title – which if it is an inherited title and therefore an accident of birth – necessarily thinks themselves better or more deserving. Sadly, however, birth does make a difference. For example, I was born in a first world country, not a third world country but that does not make me better or worse, just different and grateful. I think, personally, that it would be just about impossible to dismantle the British peerage. And, at the end of the day, often peers have a huge responsibilty to look after property, people they employ and land which they often do as best they can. The rules are complicated and, as we have seen with Prince Harry and his wife, some can’t bear it or don’t want to deal with it so they can walk away from responsibilities which either devolve to another family member or another solution needs to be found. I don’t defend or reject the concept of a peerage and those peers whom I have met in the course of my working life were all very nice people, often humble and often worried for the future of their responsibilities.