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Just finished listening to Jenn Burke’s Not Dead Yet trilogy and that is a case where I think Boudreaux made more of the books than is really there. I quite liked the first book but thought some of the “fixes” dreamed up by the author in books 2 and 3 were a bit out there. I found myself wondering if I’d been reading the books, would I have put them down and moved on to something else. But Boudreaux is so easy to listen to I just kept going.

Agnes and the Hitman is like that for me. The book doesn’t work very well for me off the page. But turn on the audio version and I’m so happy to listen.

OTOH, Kate Reading narrating Lorretta Chase is a great example of both great writing *and* great narration. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

My hope with this thread is to create a list of great listens . . . ;-)
So, maybe two lists: great audio books and then just great narrators.