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Caz Owens
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I could supply a very loooooong list, so be careful what you wish for!! Here’s the short (!) version.

I left Rosalyn Landor in Courtney Milan’s Brothers Sinister series off my original list. Also Landor in Mary Balogh and Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series She’s one of my all time favourite narrators.

RL, Kate Reading and Mary Jane Wells are probably my top three HR narrators. I would have added Alex Wyndham to that list but now I have to add a caveat, which is that some of his more recent performances haven’t worked for me; he’s made some changes (adopting a weird sort of half-whisper and repetitive intonation, for instance) that I don’t much care for. I’d still recommend his work on books by Stella Riley and Lucinda Brant, though.

There are some fantastic narrators of m/m books out there (most of these guys narrate m/f as well). Greg Boudreaux is top-notch, a superb vocal actor (he’s also brilliant it Rachel Grant’s Flashpoint series, which is m/f). J.F Harding is doing fantastic work in two series by my other favourite Greg (Ashe), Gary Furlong is amazingly versatile and also one of the best vocal actors around. Joel Leslie, Michael Ferraiuolo, Iggy Toma, Nick Hudson, Gomez Pugh (especially in Jordan Castillo Price’s PsyCop series), Nick J. Russo, Tim Paige.

Then there are the CR “powerhouse” narrators like Andi Arndt and Erin Mallon, Joe Arden, Shane East, Teddy Hamilton, Zachary Webber, Sebastian York, who narrate for a number of the really popular CR authors. I don’t listen to a great deal of m/f CR but those narrators are all exceptionally good. I also like Charlotte North, Brittany Pressley and Carly Robins and I’m sure there are lots of others I’ve missed out.

I’ll have a delve through my top audio reviews to see if I can come up with a list of recommended titles. (Most of my audio reviews are at http://www.audiogals.net if you’re ever looking for ideas!)