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Carrie G
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Stella Riley’s book are great in print, but Alex Wyndham made them amazing. The same with Lucinda Brant’s books. I know there is some unhappiness about Wyndham’s newer narrations, but the ones I’ve listened to have mostly been great. Probably they were older.

I enjoy Sandra Brown,and her book Envy was fantastic on audio! Victor Slezak was amazing as narrator. Generally, if he is narrating, I prefer her books on audio.

I have a feeling my enjoyment of K.J. Charles has been enhanced by listening to the audio versions.

Caz has mentioned most of the other books/narrators. I don’t think Him,or other books by Sarina Bowen/Elle Kennedy would have been nearly as good in print. Just this week I also listened to Unmasking Miss Appleby by Emily Larkin. It would have been a B-in print,I think, but Rosalyn Landor did an amazing job on the narration and it brought up my enjoyment a lot.

I’ve read all of Heyer’s in print and listened on audio, and while I love them either way, the audiobooks are fantastic. I don’t think you can get a copy of The Talisman Ring any more in the US, but if you do, the narration by Phyllida Nash is the best!