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Yes, Alex Wyndham’s first recording – or one of them – was Lucinda Brant’s Deadly Engagement, the first book in her Alec Halsey Mystery series. He narrated books 1-3 in that series, but LB switched to using Matthew Lloyd Davies/Cornell Collins for book 4, and he was also excellent. AW’s narrationsof Stella Riley’s Rockliffe books, A Splendid Defiance and The Marigold Chain are good, too. I think the changes I’ve noted have been fairly recent – within the last couple of years.

A few new Heyer recordings have recently come out in the UK, but aren’t available in the US for some reason. I imagine it’s geographical rights again. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I will at some point. Among them – Alexander Vlahos narrating These Old Shades, and Michael Maloney doing Devil’s Cubhttps://www.audible.co.uk/search?ref=a_search_l1_feature_six_browse-bin_0&pf_rd_p=ff83f79f-3ec9-4d26-81d0-a70cf6f8e4e3&pf_rd_r=8GM44HGMMJKKSMZ5G9J2&keywords=georgette%20heyer&feature_six_browse-bin=20230028031&sort=pubdate-desc-rank

Mary Jane Wells made Tessa Dare’s The Duchess Deal into a decent listen (it’s a C grade story, but she bumped it up a bit). She also does great work in Lisa Kleypas Ravenels books – my favourite is Marrying Winterborne – again, she elevates them from middling to decent. She’s also great in two books by Simone St. James – The Other Side of Midnight and Silence for the Dead.

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