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Thank you Caz and everyone else who is contributing. Many of these narrators/authors I know and love too; but there are a few new ones too. So yay! And I’m glad to hear the Stella Riley’s are good. I read the first two in the Rockcliffe series off the page and intend to read the rest, so I’ll definitely check out the audio versions of those.

If you were going to give a new-to-romance reader an audio booklist, what would be on it? Or if you could only have access to 10 titles which would you choose?
In addition to the 3 titles I mentioned above, I’d add one
Georgette Heyer (my favorite on any given day is Venetia, Sylvester or Frederica)
Loretta Chase (Mr. Impossible (newbie) or Lord Perfect (for me) )
Natural Born Charmer by SEP and read by the incomparable Anna Fields
Laura Kinsale’s Flowers from the Storm, narrated by Nicholas Boulton

I’m missing a Rosalyn Landor (does she have a quintessential performance?) and an m/m title . . . . GAH!

How about you? What would be on your audio short list?