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Caz Owens
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No, I just think it’s that she’s so good and her earlier recordings of those titles were really popular – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I am guessing that the re-record is to do with rights as those books were never available to download in the UK, so now that initial contract has expired, Harper can re-do them to make them available globally.

With Gregory Ashe – I’m not wild about the narrator in the Hazard and Somerset books, so I would hesitate to recommend them in audio unless there’s no other way for you to access them. His Borealis series is 3 books, with a 4th in production and the narrator (Charlie David) is pretty good. But the best of all is J.F Harding, who is recording two of his series, and so far there are only the first books of each out – They Told Me I Was Everything (book 1 in The First Quarto series) and The Same Breath (book one in The Lamb and the Lion series). Both titles have been reviewed here (the e-editions) and I’ve reviewed the audio of They Told Me I Was Everything at AudioGals (my audio review of The Same Breath has yet to run). You could start with either of those :)

Good luck!