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Carrie G
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My list would be of authors or series! Like I haven’t listened to any Stella Riley book that I haven’t loved on audio.

If the person was a sci-fi fan I would recommend the Vorkosagan books by Lois McMaster Bujold on audio, although I haven’t finished that series. These are sci-fi, not romance although there is one book that is Miles’ love story, and the first book Shards of Honor is how Miles’ parents met and fell in love. The narrations are fantastic. If fantasy is an interest, then Buljold’s Curse of Chalion narrated by Lloyd James and her Paladin of Souls narrated by Kate Reading are wonderful.

If the person enjoyed romantic suspense I would suggest Envy by Sandra Brown, narrated by Victor Slezak.

If well-crafted, often funny stories are a persons catnip, then I recommend almost any romance by Georgetter Heyer on audio. Kisses only, however.

Other than that, most of what I would recommend has already been recommended by Caz, except I’d add Mia Vincy’s books recorded by Kate Reading.

First time through I enjoyed SEP’s Chicago Stars books, and you can’t beat Anna Fild’s narration, but I tried listening to them again this past spring and really didn’t like them. I’m not sure what changed in me.