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Carrie G
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Chrisreader I basically agree with everything you said. :-)

Nan, we disagree a bit, but I understand where you’re coming from. I think the key point is this, “that doesn’t word for me personally.” That, to me is the crux of it all. If something doesn’t work for one individual, then it’s so wonderful we have all kinds of books and other entertainment. There will always be something for everyone. The problem with the Bridgerton thread was the vehemence a few showed in hating the production because they cast a black person as a duke and as a queen. They didn’t just say, “I really prefer historical accuracy in casting, and I don’t like the modern music,etc.” Which I think everyone on the thread would have said, “Ok, I see that.” or “I loved it.” and then gone on with their day. It was clear in use of words like “disgraceful” and “horrible” and “shouldn’t be allowed” that set up other people’s backs. I might enjoy non-accurate historically set stories that provide representation. You might not. But I don’t think I’m hearing you say they shouldn’t be allowed or that they’re disgraceful.