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Nan De Plume
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Ah, I see. That’s a good point about set ideas of eras. It sounds like history needs to be taught a lot better in schools than it is now. And for heaven’s sake make it interesting and relevant. Like anybody actually cares or needs to know what year Charlemagne was born… ;-)

“I knew it would just bother me to watch an unfinished project of an unfinished novel!”

I can totally relate to this. I don’t usually watch miniseries, but I was enthralled with Mercy Street, a public television Civil War hospital drama. And it got cancelled after 2 seasons! Boo hiss! So it just sort of trailed off without a resolution. I’m sure there are a lot of inner workings regarding finances and stuff, but couldn’t they do 1 farewell episode for cancelled shows rather than leaving them hanging in the air like that? Ugh…