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Nan De Plume
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Speaking of diversity in HR and other romance genres, I just received a newsletter from The New Smut Project. They are seeking short story submissions for their fourth erotic anthology. They are especially interested in diverse, inclusive, body-positive, queer content that takes place in any time period past, present, or future. This particular historical suggestion got my attention: “write an epistolary story collecting the steamy letters a 19th century abolitionist sent to his boyfriend.” Sounds intriguing!

Since there are a lot of AAR readers who are seeking diverse love stories, maybe someone here would like to try his/her hand at this anthology call. I made the longlist for their last anthology, and the editor was super nice. So, if you have a diverse, steamy HR idea that can be encapsulated within 6,000 words, I’d really encourage you to give it a shot. Deadline is September 1st.

Submission guidelines are available on The New Smut Project’s Tumblr page (sorry, can’t post a link!). The name of the project is “Cunning Linguists” (tee hee), so you can Google it.

I hope some of the writers and literary hopefuls here at AAR will take advantage of this paying opportunity!