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Carrie G
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I remember the movie A Knight’s Tale based on a Chaucer story starring Heath Ledger had a modern dance scene in the middle of the movie. I don’t remember it getting a lot of criticism the way the Bridgerton series did. It was just deemed fanciful. I agree that perhaps the producers of Bridgerton could have done a better PR job letting people know they were taking allowances with the material and time period, but I still don’t get the hate. Like you said, it’s obvious they weren’t trying for historically accurate. I thought it was just rather tongue-in-cheek and, well, fanciful. And what I heard most about here and other places was the upset over the colorblind casting, not the modern music and period inaccurate costumes. It seems to me, that once anyone saw the costumes and music, they would know this was not trying to be anywhere near “historically accurate,” whatever that means. No one can seem to come to an agreement on what that is anyway. Quinn’s books can’t honestly be called “accurate” to begin with, which begs the question about what people were really upset about. I think it’s much more about having something you love messed with than any real concern over historical accuracy.

(A new drinking game: a shot for every time Carrie uses quotation marks, or says “(in)accurate” or “accuracy”or “historical.” Yes, you can count those quotation marks.)