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Carrie G
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In the US we do such a poor job with history, especially any history prior to the Mayflower. We essentially teach “the firemen is your friend” type social studies through elementary grades, then switch to variations on American history with one year of world history in high school. With that in mind I used a different approach teaching my kids. We started in elementary grades with the study of the ancient world and moved forward from there. Our schooling was history based though the use of a text or two, but mainly through historical fiction and biography. We learned myths and legends of other cultures,too. While our school was still western centric, we did have a year dedicated to the Eastern Hemisphere .

The best outcome of putting history at the center of our schooling has been that my kids see history as the foundation for everything, including our current world problems, conflicts, and political issues. They all know how to research and find out info for themselves. Before COVID I was in a coffee shop with four of my kids one morning listening to them discuss the geographical and political origins of the Great War, which was an offshoot of a conversation about the evolution of tanks through the wars. It made my little heart sing.