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Marian Perera
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Hi Nan, thanks for starting this interesting topic!

I didn’t comment before because I felt I’d said everything I have to say about diversity in HR in other discussions, but I did enjoy that article by Mark, and I don’t want you to feel there’s a lack of comment from readers. :)

Personally, as a PoC and as both a reader and a writer of historical romance, I love to see diversity in HR when it’s done well. I like to feel the characters fit in with their time period, and I especially appreciate nuanced, three-dimensional diverse characters. Let them have interesting flaws, and let them make bad decisions that complicate the plot. It’s also great when other characters’ reactions to diversity is nuanced – basically, when I can’t predict going in that the villain will be against women getting the vote while the hero will support this.

That’s about it from me for now, but I look forward to reading any other responses to this.