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Hi Carrie, it was actually the comments of yours about the anger people had that made the lightbulb go on over my head.

I agree that it was puzzling how overwrought people got over a fluffy TV show so I started thinking about why. Then a news article I read about a renaming controversy regarding a school or something struck a chord and I made the mental connection.

I’m the first to admit when I am a big fan of a book I have very specific ideas of how characters should look and I know others are the same but there are limits. As I said, Colin in the show isn’t my cup of tea but it doesn’t make me angry. I didn’t love all the changes to the plot, especially regarding Anthony, but it certainly didn’t ruin my night to watch it.

I’m sure the pandemic is making people crazier as well but every time I go on Facebook and see people arguing or calling each other names over things like the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League or something equally silly I just want to tell everyone to chill out.