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Like you, I enjoy it when an author references their inspirations and I am that geek who will always read the author’s notes at the back of the book (when I have enjoyed it).

Lisa Kleypas is an author who does that as well and she has even included recipes of food referenced in her novels. One time I think it was blancmange and the other was “Winterborne’s favorite peppermint creme candies” which was quite cute. I can’t vouch for the recipes though as I haven’t tried them.

For “Hello Stranger” she included biographical information on the 19th female doctor she based heroine Garrett on. She borrowed the true story of her educational journey of going to France and doing her entire medical education in French in order to have access to the learning she wasn’t allowed in England.

It’s a nice way of preempting those comments that say “Oh that would never happen”.