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Caz Owens
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I’m sure you and I and others have touched on this before, but m/m books are the only ones so far where I’ve found characters on the asexual spectrum. Wes in Jenn Burke’s Not Dead Yet describes himself as being on the “asexual spectrum” although he does have a sexual relationship with his partner. But the author makes it very clear that he needs emotional investment in order to want or have sex, and that his emotional closeness to his partner doesn’t always lead to sex. Trucker in Annabeth Albert’s Feel the Fire worked out he was demisexual (and bisexual) in his thirties, and in her Squared Away (one of my favourite Out of Uniform books) one of the leads is demi or grey ace. In Anna Zabo’s Syncopation, one of the leads is aromantic – it’s the first book I’ve read with an aromantic character – and it worked for me There were some reviews criticising the book because he and his partner are in a relationship by the end, but I felt the author wrote their emotional connection so well that it made sense. And as is clear, we’re talking about a “spectrum” here and that it’s very much NOT a one-size-fits-all thing.

I don’t read a great deal of m/f romance**, but until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t aware of a single one – a mainstream one at least – that featured leads who were not completely heterosexual. The upcoming Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall features a bisexual heroine (although her romantic partners in the story are men). It’s being published by a big mainstream publisher (Hachette’s Forever imprint), But otherwise, it seems it’s been left to m/m books and authors to blaze the trail on these issues.

** so I’m making a judgment based on a very small sample of books I’ve read or read reviews of. Please feel free to correct me!

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