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Carrie G
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Hi All! Thanks to Dabney I now have a log in.:-)

I agree with Caz that the best representations I’ve seen so far of asexual and demisexual characters have been in m/m romances. It seems authors who feel comfortable with LGBTQ romances are more likely to include a mix of orientations. I’d love to see more variations, like pan sexuals. I thought the asexual character in Not Dead Yet by Jenn Burke was very well done. Asexuality is a spectrum, like everything else, and I love how his partner was sensitive to what he needed.

I’ve read very few contemporaries lately, but I did read Ice Cream Lover by Jackie Lau, which has a biracial,bisexual lead character. The romance here is m/f, but there the representation was good, and included a bisexual aunt. Lau’s stories don’t really do much for me,but I appreciated that part of the book.